History Mid-Term

  1. Divine Right
    The doctrine that monarchs derive their right to rule directly from God and are accountable only to God.

    Bishop Bossuet
  2. The Bill of Rights (English) was enacted during
    The Glorious Revolution- the bloodless overthrow of King James II of England by Willam of Orange
  3. The Glorious revolution was a victory for the...
    Parliament over King James II of England
  4. Many provisions of the English Bill of Rights are to be found in the ...
    American Constitution
  5. The MOST significant result of the Bill of Rights was that...
    It ended absolute monarchy in England
  6. As a result of the Bill of Rights, England became a...
    Constitutional Monarchy
  7. Nationalism

    What role did Cavour play in the unification of Italy?
    Cavour( Prime Minister of Sardinia)- With the help of France, he fought a war with Austria. This inspired the patriots in central and southern Italy to overthrow their rulers. With Cavour's support, they united with Sardinia in 1860. This was the start of the unification of Italy.
  8. Congress of Vienna
    • A conference of European ambassadors held in Vienna in 1814-1815. The objective of this congress was to have a balance of power, have all of France's new-found territory returned, and to settle the issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, and the crumbling of the Holy Roman Empire.
    • Austria- Metternich
    • Prussia- Fredrick William III
  9. Waterloo
    The battle between the French and the Seventh Coalition (Prussia, Netherlands, UK, Hanover, Nassau, Brunswick) in 1815. The French were defeated. The defeat marked the end of Napoleon's rule as king of France, it also marked the end of his Hundred Days return from exile
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