1. Accompanist?
    A musician, such a pianist, who plays along with a performer or performers.
  2. Accomplice?
    One who knowingly aids or helps another person break a law but is not necessarily present at the time of the crime.
  3. Coalition?
    An alliance, usually temporarily, of a group of people with a common cause.
  4. Communal?
    Belonging to a community, group, or society; public.
  5. Complement?
    Something that completes, makes up a whole, or brings to perfection.
  6. Congregate?
    To bring or come together in a crowd or assembly.
  7. Inductee?
    A new member of a club or organization; a person being placed formally in an office, a society, for the armed forces
  8. Miscellaneous?
    Made of a variety of different elements or ingredients.
  9. Throng?
    A large group of people or things gathered or packed closely together; a crowd.
  10. Consensus?
    General agreement among a group of people.
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