Morality Midterm

  1. The goodness or sinfulness of human acts
  2. A person who has no definite moral beliefs or
  3. A solemn agreement between God and human beings
    involving mutual obligations and agreements
  4. The gift of the Holy Spirit; participation in
    God’s Trinitarian life; the help God gives us to live out our vocation
  5. A share in God’s life;
    a gift from God that enables the soul to live with him and respond to his
    sanctifying grace
  6. The help God gives us for a particular need to
    help us conform our lives to his will
    actual grace
  7. German Lutheran pastor during World War II, did
    not agree with Hitler’s actions, was martyred 
  8. Taking God’s love for granted 
    cheap grace
  9. Calling to serve God both now and forever
  10. In the story refers to a unit of money is use at
    the time; but it later came to designate all the natural endowments with which
    we are born
  11. Response to God’s love in our life
    costly grace
  12. Helps us know how to live
  13. God’s reign where people serve one another
    kingdom of God
  14. Following the letter of the law
  15. To do the bare minimal
  16. Pushing ourselves to do good
    moral muscle 
  17. Saint of church that felt a deep compassion for
    those most in need
    elizabeth of hungary 
  18. Refers to two realities. 
    1) It designated the holy things like charity

    2) Refers to the unity in Christ
    communion of saints
  19. A Greek word for Duly summoned assembly
  20. An experience of isolation and separateness from
    God and others
  21. An experience of reuniting and reconnecting with
    God and others
  22. Hebrew for teacher, a term frequently applied to
  23. Written by bishops,
    provided a sense of direction for the Catholic community
    documents of Vatican II
  24. Written by the pope to guide church leaders and teachers as they try to instruct
    the members of the community on official Catholic teaching
    catechism of the catholic church 
  25. official letter from the pope, talks about family, peace, life, and human dignity.
    papal encyclicals 
  26. discussed morality
    statements of vatican commissions 
  27. bishops
    that write special letters to their community
    pastoral letters
  28. Name given to church law
    cannon law
  29. The teaching office of the church
  30. 1)  


    three dimensions of conscience
  31. When a person does not employ a process of
    conscientious decision machining, thereby not facing or thinking about the
    morality of actions that he or she performs
    lax conscience 
  32. A conscience that is educated and developed
    through constant use and examination 
    informed conscience 
  33. When a person follows a process of conscientious
    decision making but unwittingly makes a wrong decision
    erroneous conscience 
  34. When people act contrary to their conscience and
    choose to do wrong
  35. heart and conscience
    • 1)  
    • We can process a clean heart

    • 2)  
    • Speak from a insincere heart

    • 3)  
    • Ponder God’s word in our heart

    • 4)  
    • Stubborn our hearts

    • 5)  
    • Pray for an upright heart

    • 6)
    • The times we go astray we need a change of heart
  36. Known for following his conscience
    thomas moore 
  37. Someone who follows her or his conscience in the
    face of difficulties 
  38. The failure to love
    missing the mark
  39. The failure to be human
    hardening of the heart
  40. Disobedience against God by the first human
    beings. This sin marks all human beings as needing the salvation brought about
    through Christ
    original sin
  41. An action that weakens our relationship with God
    venial sin
  42. An action so destructive that it mortally wounds
    our relationship with God (complete rejection)
    mortal sin
  43. Not doing an action that is called for
    sin of omission 
  44. The degree to which people are responsible for
    their actions
  45. An attitude of not getting involved, not caring,
    not acting when action is called for
  46. Ways society is structured resulting in unjust
    distribution of power
    social structure
  47. Referring to sinful structures resulting from
    personal sin and leading to social conditions and institutions that do not
    embody God’s law of love
    social sin
  48. The attributes and features that make up our
  49. Good qualities, habits, or patterns of behavior
    that incline us to live justly
  50. Bad qualities, habits or patterns of behavior
    that incline us to actions that are harmful to ourselves and others
  51. three theological virutes
    • 1)  
    • Faith= Trusting and believing in God

    • 2)  
    • Hope= a virtue of trust and responsibility

    • 3)
    • Charity- The cornerstone of virtues
  52. four cardinal sins
    • 1)  
    • Prudence- Practical Judgment

    • 2)  
    • Justice- Virtue of rights and responsibility

    • 3)  
    • Fortitude- The courage to Act

    • 4)
    • Temperance- The Virtue of self-control
  53. Honesty, genuineness, and consistency in
    behavior patterns
  54. qualities and concerns that we demonstrate as
    being important through our actions
    lived values
  55. Qualities and concerns that we claim are
    important to us
  56. A community that promotes rather than obstructs
    the exercise of virtue; a community that is energized by the practice of values
    communities of character
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