chem lab final

  1. accuracy
    • how close a value is to a corresponding accepted value
    • systematic (determinate) error affects accuracy
    • absolute error (measure accuracy) = accepted- measured value
  2. precision
    • ability to produce the same measurement under same condition.
    • random error affects precision
    • Deviation measures precision, = measured value - mean
  3. y-axis
    dependent variable
  4. x-axis
    independent variable, it changes no matter what happen to the dependent ( year, time)
  5. % component in mixture
    (mass of recovered component/ mass of original in g) * 100%
  6. total % recovery
    (total mass of all recovered component/ mass of original sample)*100%
  7. ionic bond
    metal and nonmetal react
  8. polar covalent bond
    two nonmetals
  9. formal charge
    group#- # of non bonding e - .5 bonding e
  10. when an atom changes its state, it must_______or ________ an amount of energy that is just equal to the difference between the energies of initial and final states
    absorb or emit
  11. The _______________of an atom is obtained when excited atoms fall from higher to lower energy levels
    emission spectrum
  12. E photon=
  13. delta E= E upper- E lower =
    1.9627*10^5/ delta E
  14. E n =?
    • -1312.04/ n^2 kj/mol
    • n= 1,2,3 quantum
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