Resp test 2

  1. what is acute bronchitis
    inflammation of the trachea and bronchial tree
  2. goal of acute bronchitis
    to prevent further infectious complications
  3. what is acute bronchiolitis
    a viral inflammation of the smaller airway passages, the bronchioles
  4. what are some signs of acute bronchiolitis
    retractions, tachypnea, nasal flaring, paroxysmal nonproductive coughing, and wheeezing
  5. what type of precautions with acute bronchiolitis
    respiratory isolation precautions
  6. what is pneumonia
    an acute inflammation of the pulmonary parenchyma, small airways, and alveoli
  7. what is a complication with pneumonia
    aspiration pneumonia
  8. what is bacterial pneumonia
    alveolar pus formation with consolidation of infection
  9. what is viral pneumonia
    interstitial inflammation with no consolidation or exudate
  10. what is fungal pneumonia
    patchy distrubution that may undergo necrosis with the development of cavities
  11. what is aspiration pneumonia
    pathophys depends on what was aspirated
  12. nursing diagnosis for pneumonia
    impaired gas exchange
  13. who are in high changes of aspiration pneumonia
    people who come back from surgery
  14. what is TC et B
    • turn
    • cough
    • and
    • breath
  15. what is legionellosis
    • legionella prnimophilia bacteria
    • atypical pnemonia
  16. where does the legionella pneumonia bacteria thrive
    water recevoirs
  17. signs of becoming septic
    • decrease B/P
    • increase HR and Resp
    • Spike temp
  18. What is levaquin?
    broad spectrum antibiotic that is fast acting either by PO or IV it takes the same time to work either way
  19. what is pontiac fever
    a flu-like illness caused by legionella pneumonia by breathing in mist from contaminated water
  20. what is SARS
    viral respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus
  21. what type of precautions with SARS
    droplet precautions so dont forget your N95 mask
  22. What is used to treat SARS
    Ribavirin (Antiviral)
  23. what are some negative effect of Ribavirin
    it kills fetus and sperm
  24. What is anthrax
    Bacillus anthraci bacteria
  25. what type of precautions with anthrax
    standard precautions
  26. what is pleural effusion
    accumulation of fluid in the pleural space
  27. what is empyema
    a plueral effusion that becomes infected
  28. what is atelectasis
    collapse of lung tissue due to occlusion of air to a portion of the lung
  29. what do you have in the room for mucolytic agents
    always have suction
  30. what is pnemothorax
    air or gas leaking into the pleural space
  31. what is lung cancer
    carcinoma is a malignant neoplasm that invades surrounding tissue usually metastasises
  32. what is a precursor cell
    a fragile cell that mutates into cancer
  33. small cell cancer
    subucosal lymphatis, poor prognosis and has no cure
  34. what is non-small cell cancer
    adrenal carcinomas if caught early can be in remission with chemo and radiation but it will come back
  35. what is squamous cell cancer
    squamous epithelium
  36. sign of pneumothorax
    no chest movement on affected side
  37. what is the definitive test for cancer
    a biopsy
  38. what is a lobectomy
    removal of a lobe which is part of a lung
  39. what is a pneumoectomy
    removal of a lung
  40. what is pulmonary edema
    accumulation of serous fluid in the interstitial tissue and alveoli
  41. what are some causes of pulmonary edema
    • rapid IVE administration
    • left sided heart failure
  42. clinical manifestations for pulmonary edema
    • crackles
    • pink, frothy sputum
  43. What does Nipride do
    vasodilator to improve myocardial contration and reduce pulmonary congestion
  44. what is pulmonary embolus
    • foreign substance in the pulmonary artery
    • blood clot
    • fat
    • air
    • amniotic fluid
  45. if its fat that caused the pulmonary embolus what type was it
    yellow marrow that broke away
  46. how would your ph react if you have a pulmonary embolus
    start of alkalosis and go to acidosis
  47. what is a VQ scan
    • shows areas of the lung that are ventilated but not perfused because of obstruction.
    • gives you a 360 degree view its specific for pulmonary embolus
  48. if someone is bleeding what do their vitals do
    • drop B/P
    • increase HR et Resp
  49. what are ARDS
    alveoli are damaged which are unable to perform gas exchange
  50. signs of ARDS
    cyanosis to lips and nails
  51. ABG's would show what for ARDS
    respiratory acidosis
  52. how much potassium can be hung and what rate
    20mEq, 10mEq/hour
  53. how is Magnesium hung rate
    4mg/50cc over 2 hours
  54. how is calcium hung rate
    500cc over 4 hours
  55. with almost all what is the first nursing intervention done to a pt with respiratory problems
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