BArron 3.2

  1. ancillary
    ADJ. serving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary. In an ancillary capacity, Doctor Watson was helpful; however, Holmes could not trust the good doctor to solve a perplexing case on his own. also N.
  2. anecdote
    N. short account of an amusing or interesting event. Rather than make concrete proposals for welfare reform, President Reagan told anecdotes about poor people who became wealthy despite their impoverished backgrounds.
  3. anemia
    N. condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles. The doctor ascribes her tiredness to anemia. anemic,ADJ.
  4. anesthetic
    N. substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness. His monotonous voice acted like an anesthetic; his audience was soon asleep. anesthesia, N.
  5. anguish
    N. acute pain; extreme suffering. Visiting the site of the explosion, the governor wept to see the anguish of the victims and their families.
  6. angular
    ADJ. sharp-cornered; stiff in manner. Mr. Spock's features, though angular, were curiously attractive, in a Vulcan way.
  7. animated
    ADJ. lively; spirited. Jim Carrey's facial expressions are highly animated: when he played Ace Ventura, he looked practically rubber-faced.
  8. animosity
    N. active enmity. He incurred the animosity of the ruling class because he advocated limitations of their power.
  9. animus
    N. hostile feeling or intent. The animus of the speaker became obvious to all when he began to indulge in sarcastic and insulting remarks.
  10. annals
    N. records; history. In the annals of this period, we find no mention of democratic movements.
  11. annex
    V. attach; take possession of. Mexico objected to the United States' attempts to annex the territory that later became the state of Texas.
  12. annihilate
    V. destroy. The enemy in its revenge tried to annihilate the entire population.
  13. annotate
    V. comment; make explanatory notes. In the appendix to the novel, the editor sought to annotate many of the author's more esoteric references.
  14. annuity
    N. yearly allowance. The annuity he setup with the insurance company supplements his social security benefits so that he can live very comfortably without working.
  15. annul
    v. make void. The parents of the eloped couple tried to annul the marriage.
  16. anoint
    V. consecrate. The prophet Samuel anointed David with oil, crowning him king of Israel.
  17. anomalous
    ADJ. abnormal; irregular. He was placed in the anomalous position of seeming to approve procedures which he despised.
  18. *anomaly
    N. irregularity. A bird that cannot fly is an anomaly.
  19. anonymity
    N. state of being nameless; anonymousness. The donor of the gift asked the college not to mention him by name; the dean readily agreed to respect his anonymity.
  20. anonymous
    ADJ. having no name. She tried to ascertain the identity of the writer of the anonymous letter.
  21. antagonism
    N. hostility; active resistance. Barry showed his antagonism toward his new stepmother by ignoring her whenever she tried talking to him. antagonistic,ADJ.
  22. antecede
    V. precede. The invention of the radiotelegraph anteceded the development of television by a quarter of a century.
  23. antecedents
    N. preceding events or circumstances that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background. Susi Bechhofer's ignorance of her Jewish background had its antecedents in the chaos of World War II. Smuggled out of Germany and adopted by a Christian family, she knew nothing of her birth and antecedents until she was reunited with her family in 1989.
  24. antediluvian
    ADJ. antiquated; extremely ancient. Looking at his great-aunt's antique furniture, which must have been cluttering up her attic since the time of Noah's flood, the young heir exclaimed, "Heavens! How positively antediluvian!"
  25. anthem
    N. song of praise or patriotism. Let us now all join in singing the national anthem.
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