Chap. 1 Essentials of Psy. Health nsg

  1. Mental health-

    Maslow -> believed was continuous quest for self actualization 

    Self actualized person has/is:
    -appropriate perception of reality
    -ability to accept oneself, others, and human nature
    -ability to manifest spontaneity
    -capacity for focusing concentration on problem solving
    -need for detachment and desire for privacy
    -independence, autonomy, and a resistance to enculturation
    -intensity of emotional reaction
    -frequency of peak experiences that validate worthiness, richness, and beauty of life
    -identification of humankind
    -ability to achieve satisfactory interpersonal relationships
    -democratic character structure and strong sense of ethics
    -degree of nonconformance
  2. Townsend defines mental health -

    -successful adaptation to stressors from the internal/external environment, evidenced by thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are age-appropriate and congruent w/ local and cultural norms
  3. Mental illness - 

    incomprehensibility - inability of a general pop. to understand the motivation behind an individual's behavior

    cultural relativity -  an individuals culture's rules, conventions, understandings will determine whether the individual's behavior is norm/abnorm.
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Chap. 1 Essentials of Psy. Health nsg
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