Theatre exam

  1. Upstage or away from the audience.
  2. One of several areas into which a stage space is divided in order to faciliate blocking and the planning of stage movement.
    Acting Area
  3. To improvise lines of a speech.
    Ad lib
  4. What year was Kind Oedipus written, and who was it's author?
    Written by Sophocles in 430 BCE
  5. What year was Tartuffe written and who is its author?
    1664 by Moliere
  6. What is Tartuffe about?
    About Tartuffe, a hypocrite who lies and gets his way into a family, and ends up owning everything of theirs, but in the end, he gets arrested for everything that he did.
  7. When was a Doll's house written, and who is its author?
    Henrik Ibsen in 1879.
  8. What was a Doll's house about?
    About a woman (Nora) who forges a check to save her husband's life, and is getting blackmailed, she gets her friend to fall in love with her blackmailer to avoid her husband finding out about what she did. In the end, her husband gets pissed at her, then after receiving another letter from Nora's blackmailer, then forgives her, but she leaves him anyways.
  9. When was the Cherry Orchard written, and who was it's author?
    Anton Chekhov in 1904.
  10. What was the Cherry Orchard about?
    About a woman who does nothing to save her estate which has a cherry tree, a merchant whose father use to be a slave on that estate, bought the estate and chopped down the tree.
  11. When was Mother Courage and her children written and by whom?
    Bertolt Brecht somewhere in 1937-1941.
  12. What was Mother courage and her children about?
    About Mother courage following armies to sell wares to them. All of her children died in the end.
  13. When was A streetcar name Desire written and by whom?
    Tennessee Williams in 1947
  14. When was Death of a salesman written and by whom?
    Arthur Miller in 1949
  15. Physical or psychological separation or detachment of audience from dramatic action, usually considered necessary for artistic illusion.
    Aesthetic distance
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