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  1. hu jintao
    leader of china today
  2. huang he river
    known as china's sorrow for victims
  3. ho chi minh
    the communist leader of north vietnam who resisted the french and americans during 1950's/60's
  4. gulf of tokin incident
    us acusses north vietnam of a torpedo attack, us resonds with massive bombing of north vietnam
  5. domino theory
    the beliefe that if vietnam fell to communism the rest of the south east asian countries would follow
  6. ken state university
    location were 4 college students were killed by the national gaurd during a vietnam war protest
  7. pol pot
    communist leader of columbia in 1970's responsible for 2 million columbians killed
  8. folkland islands
    the location of a short war between britian & argentina with a british victory
  9. OPEC
    orginization of petrollium exporting countries
  10. nelson mondela
    first elected black leader of south africa
  11. felipe calderon
    president of mexico
  12. fidel castro
    leader of cuba for about 50 years
  13. dmitry mededev
    the leader of russia today
  14. glasnost
    an openess of speach in russia
  15. perestroika
    the restructuring of the gov in russia after communism
  16. tiananmen square
    location of a student uprising in china (1989) for democracy which was put down by the gov.
  17. the us withdrew from vietnam in
    and the country fell to communism in
    • 1973
    • 1975
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