1. our surveillance state continues to grow more intrusive, with woefully little oversight or accountability.
  2. The new rules were subjected to robust official debate — all behind closed doors.
  3. on Americans’ phone calls and e-mail traffic
  4. while we were all distracted by the dance on the fiscal cliff, the 112th Congress in its final days whisked through a renewal of the law
  5. The Obama administration’s position on privacy is basically ‘Trust us, we’re good guys'.┬áThat’s exactly what Bush said. And it’s also the same thing that any despot says. We shouldn’t have to trust.
  6. You can take your pick of the ways Facebook and Google are monetizing you by serving up your personal profile and browsing habits to advertisers for profit.
  7. When Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids were caught pillaging the voice mail of celebrities, the public response was muted; when it turned out that they had hacked the phone of a 13-year-old murder victim, the pitchforks and torches came out.
  8. You would think the one sort of invasion just about everyone deplores was hacking. But even there we are ambivalent.
  9. When our personal information is exploited this way, we may grumble, or we may seek the largely false comfort of tweaking our privacy settings, but we feel helpless before the mystifying rush of technology.
  10. when you are going to make a sizable population of law-abiding citizens feel violated, you have to ask yourself, what is the offsetting gain?
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