Bible Test Joshua

  1. Who did Moses send into the land?
    • He sent 12 spies into the land.
    • Shammua from Reuben, Shaphat from Simeon, Caleb from Judah, Igal from Issachar, Hoshea from Ephraim, Palti from Benjamin, Gaddiel from Zebulun, Gaddi from Manasseh, Ammiel from Dan, Sethur from Asher, Nahbi from Naphtali, and Geuel from Gad.
  2. Of the twelve sent, which does Moses “rename”?
    Hoshea to Joshua
  3. What questions are the spies to get answers to?
    • What kind of land do they live in? Is it
    • good or bad? What kind of towns do they live in? Are they un-walled or
    • fortified? How is the soil? Is it fertile or poor? Are there trees or not?
    • Strong or weak? (They had to answer theses questions because the didn’t trust
    • God.
  4. How long were the spies in the land?
    They were there for 40 days. The 40 days stood for 40 years and they suffered for theirs sins and knew what it was like to have God go against them. (Numbers 14:34)
  5. What “proof” did the spies bring back for the Israelites to see?
    • They brought back the fruit of the land
    • with a pole carried by 2 people.
  6. What are 10 of the 12 spies most concerned about?
    They were afraid because those people were stronger than them. They were most concerned about what they saw because they lacked faith.
  7. How are Joshua and Calb different from the other spies that went into the land? What do they think the Lord will do for them?
    They had faith. God would them go to the promised land.
  8. How does God respond to the “unbelief” on the part of most of the Israelites? What does Moses say in response?
    Unbelief: lack of faith in God. God’s response: kill them with a plague. Moses response: God’s reputation w/ other nations would be different. God forgave them, but they couldn’t see the land.
  9. What is the consequence of the people’s unbelief for the whole of the nation?
    The 10 spies caused their unbelief and they wouldn’t get to see the promised land of their forefathers.
  10. What desert does this story take place in?
    Desert of Zin
  11. For what reason do the Israelites quarrel with Moses and Aaron?
    They were quarreling with Moses & Aaron because there was no water/good food for the community.
  12. Moses and Aaron go to inquire of the LORD as to what they should do. God had been faithful to his people by providing them bread and bird to eat. What would he provide this time?
    He provided them with water for the Israelites & their livestock.
  13. What specific command does God give Moses concerning this provision?
    To speak to the rock.
  14. How does Moses not follow God’s command with the rock?
    He strikes it twice with his staff and says, “we”.
  15. How does God respond to Moses disobedience? What is his reason? Why is what we might see as a “technicality” a big deal to God?
    They couldn’t go into the promised land. Moses didn’t honor Him as holy in front of the people. Moses didn’t show leadership.
  16. What is this place named, and what does that name mean?
    It is named Meribah which means quarreling.
  17. Where did Joshua get his leadership ability?
    He got it from the Lord through Moses
  18. What was he told to do?
    He was told to cross the Jordan River into the land God would give to him.
  19. What was he reminded to do daily?
    • He was told to meditate on the Book of
    • the Law
  20. What did God tell him Specifically to do three times?
    To be strong and courageous.
  21. Why was he told that three times?
    God knew Joshua would have to be a strong & courageous leader.
  22. How was Joshua developing courage/character while he was doing what God told him to do?
    He was Moses aid since youth and gave God all his faith because he saw God at work his whole life.
  23. What made Joshua a great leader?
    He was obedient.
  24. What was Joshua told to do?
    He was told to march around Jericho once w/ the armed men and to do it for six days and on the seventh day he would march around the city seven times w/ priests blowing the trumpets.
  25. What do you think was going through the people’s minds for those seven days?
    They were wondering if they were crazy and when they would attack; anxious. The Israelites probably doubted Joshua.
  26. Why do you think God chose to conquer Jericho this way instead of using the strength of Israel’s army?
    It was to show that God could do everything and so the people couldn’t take credit. They also couldn't be proud.
  27. What were the best traits of Joshua’s life?
    He was strong, courageous, and obedient
  28. What did he attribute his success to?
  29. What challenge did he give to the Israelite people?
    He told them to throw away their gods (Joshua 24:14)
  30. How did they respond to that challenge?
    They responded positively and Joshua made a point that their commitment has to be real.
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