Western Civiization

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    • The cave in southern France, discovered in 1994 and that contains three hundred paintings of animals, is known as the
    • the Chavet cave
  1. The physical environment of the Mesopotamians generally led to
    a pessimistic outlook with an emphasis on satisfying their angry gods
  2. Egypt's Middle Kingdom was portrayed by the Egyptians as
    a golden age of Egyptian society
  3. The first modern Homo sapiens
    first appeared in Africa about 250,000 years ago
  4. The Hittites were
    an Indo- European speaking peoples and made iron weapons of war
  5. One of the few female pharaohs was
  6. The original Indo-Europeans possibly came from
    the steppe region north of the Black Sea
  7. The most famous of the megalithic constructions of Europe is
  8. The ancient city of Catal Huyuk was
    A neolithic walled community sustained by food surpluses
  9. The Hyksos
    were a Semitic- speaking people who infiltrated Egypt in the century B.C
  10. Egyptian pharaohs ruled and derived their authority from the
    principle of Ma'at.
  11. Name four indo-European languages.
    Sanskrit, German, Latin, Greek
  12. The Sumerian government
    came to view kings as agents of their gods.
  13. Mesopotamian religion was
    One in which no one god reigned supreme and deities were closely related to cities
  14. The women in Mesopotamian society's role was generally
    to be in the home and act subserviently to her husband
  15. The earliest human-like creatures hominids, existed in Africa as early as
    3 to 4 million years ago
  16. The most tolerant and efficient of the Near Eastern empires was the
  17. Cambyses' greatest achievement as king of the Persian Empire was
    bringing Egypt under Persian control
  18. The principal economic basis of Assyrian society was
    agriculture based on farming villages
  19. The Phoenicians' contributions to the ancient Near East included
    the establishment of trading stations throughout the Mediterranean, the founding of the colony of Carthage, a simplified alphabet and system of writing, and producing purple dye, glass, wine and lumber as articles of trade.
  20. Scholars agree that between ____ and____ B.C., the Israelites emerged as a distinct group of peoples who established a united kingdom known as Israel
    1200 and 1000
  21. All of the following helped make Assyria an efficient military machine
    iron weapons, activities of terror, superior diversified tactics, ruthless leaders.
  22. The central, sacred text of Zoroastrianism
    Zend Avesta.
  23. After a long period of vassalage, the Assyrians achieved their independence in the
  24. The sun god, who became a helper of Ahuramazda and later, in Roman times, the source of another religion was
  25. Assyrian kings organized their empire more effectively by
    were middlemen in the international trade of the era
  26. The polis was the Greek name for
  27. What are some descriptions of Athenian leaders
  28. Themistocles-developed a navy, Cleisthenes-created the ten tribes and Council of 500, Solon-sole archon and political reformer, Cleon-leader of the war party in the Peloponnesian War
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