emt b ch 5

  1. 3 types of muscle
    • skeletal
    • smooth
    • cardiac
  2. 3 main functions of musculoskeletal system
    • give body shape
    • protect internal vital organs
    • provide for body movement
  3. Joints
    when bones connect to bone
  4. out of the 3 muscles which are involuntary muscle?
    smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle
  5. out of the 3 muscles which are voluntary muscle ?
  6. what is a voluntary muscle
    muscle that can be consciously controlled
  7. what is a involuntary muscle
    muscle that responds automatically to brain signals but cannot be consciously controlled
  8. what is the cardiac muscle ?
    an involuntary muscle found only in the heart.
  9. what is the purpose of the respiratory system?
    ventilation and oxygenation
  10. what is automaticity ?
    the ability of the heart to generate and conduct electrical impulses on its own
  11. what is aveoli?
    microscopic sacs of the lungs where gas exchange with the bloodstream takes place
  12. what is inhalation?
    • an active process in which the intercostal (rib) muscle and the diaphragm contract, expanding the size of the chest cavity and causing air to flow into the lungs.
    • diaphragm lowers
  13. what is exhalation?
    • a passive process in which the intercostal (rib) muscle and the diaphragm relax, causing the chest cavity to decrease in size and air to flow out of the lungs
    • diaphragm rises
  14. what is ventilation?
    process of moving gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) between inhaled air and the pulmonary circulation of blood.
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