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  1. Who was in the Triple Entente?
    Britain, France and Russia
  2. Who was in the Triple Alliance?
    Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary
  3. Causes for World War 1?
    • Militarism: glorifying military and having an army prepared for war
    • Alliances:
    • Imperialism
    • Nationalism
  4. What event sparked World War 1?
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated and Austria declared war on Serbia
  5. What is the Schleifen plan?
    When a large part of the German army raced west to defeat france and then returned to fight Russia in the east
  6. What was the Trench warfare?
    • A war where soldiers fought each other from trenches. They dug these holes to protect them from enemy fires.
    • "No mans land"
  7. What were some new weapons of WWI?
    • Poison gas
    • Machine Gun
    • Tank
    • Airplane
    • Submarine
  8. What happened on the war in the eastern front?
    • Russians and Serbs battled the Germans Austrians and Turks
    • This was a more mobile war.
  9. Why did Russia war efforts weaken?
    Becasue they were not industrialized even though they were large.
  10. What side did the Americans join when they entered war?
    When did they enter the war?
    In 1917 president Wilson delcared war and joined the allies.
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