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  1. What were the 3 main causes of World war 2?
    1. Treaty of Versailles, demanded lots of money, troops, ships and land from Germany which made Germans want revenge

    2. Failure of the League of Nations and the rise of Fasceism

    3. Apeasment
  2. Why didn't the United States join the League of Nations?
    The american policy was isolationism, and they didn't want to get involved with the other countries.
  3. What were 6 reasons for appeasement?
    • 1. Great Depression
    • 2. Avoiding war
    • 3. Anti-sentimism
    • 4. Fear of Communism
    • 5. Sympathy after Treaty of Versailles
    • 6. Isolationism
  4. How did the war begin?
    The Nazis and USSR attacked Russia, then the Allies declared war on the Axis.
  5. What war technique did the Nazis use?
    blitzkreig, "lightning war." Attacks that are quick and forceful
  6. What are panzers?
    Tank divisions
  7. When and what was the miracle of Dunkirk?
    1940, Troops rescued from the English channel, Hitler's major Blunder was letting them escape
  8. Who was the prime minister of Britian before 1940 and who replaced him?
    Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill replaced him
  9. When and where did Japan attack america?
    Dec 1941, Pearl Harbour
  10. What did the Pearl Harbour attack cause?
    It caused America to join the war.
  11. What happened to Canadians after they lost the Battle of Hong Kong?
    They were sent to POW camps with lots of work and bad conditions.
  12. When and what was the Dieppe raid?
    Aug 1942, it was a small test attack for the allies to see if they take France back.
  13. Who won the Dieppe raid?
    Germany, by far.
  14. When was the Holocaust?
  15. What were the Nuremburg Laws?
    Laws in Germany that took away jewish rights.
  16. When was D-day?
    June 6 1944
  17. Where was D-day?
    Beaches of Normandy, France
  18. What was the Manhatten project and who was the leader?
    A group of scientists who created the atomic bomb lead by Robert J. Oppenheimer.
  19. When was Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    Aug 6 and 9
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