Plants Review

  1. carbohydrate
    a molecule that contains only atoms of carbon hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio of 1:2:1
  2. Meristematic Tissue
    tissue like stem cells where they are undifferentiated and are found in places where growth can occur (They become specialized)
  3. Cotyledon
    • Seed structure in angiosperms (flowering plants) that stores and supplies nutrients to embryo
    • Monocot- veins paralell
    • Eudicot- veins branched
  4. Chloroplast
    an organelle which is the site of photosynthesis
  5. Photopigment
    A pigment that undergoes physical or chemical change under light
  6. blade
    flat part of leaf
  7. petiole
    the stalk that attaches leaf to stem
  8. venation
    arrangement of veins within a leaf
  9. Cuticle
    waxy covering found on epidermis cells of plants that protects leafs and prevents water loss
  10. Stomata
    Tiny holes in epidermis layer that allows gasses in and out
  11. Bryophytes
    • Small seedless plants with no vascular tissue,no true stem, leaves or roots,
    • mosses and cannot grow tall.
  12. Lycophytes and pterophytes
    seedless plants with vascular tissue, allows for tall growth
  13. seed plants
    most dominant on earth, not dependent on water for reproduction, develops sperm and pollen
  14. Seed
    Plant embryo and a food supply covered with protective coating.
  15. Angiosperm
    Flowering, fruits
  16. gymnosperms
  17. Functions of leaf
    • Main site for photsynthesis
    • trapsĀ  sunlight
    • site for gas exchange
    • cell respiration
    • in some cases protection against herbivores
  18. Epidermis
    • single outer layer
    • transparent
    • provides protection against invaders
  19. mesophyll
    • Palisade - long, rectangular cells
    • filled with chloroplasts, in upper epidermus

    • Spongy - loosely packed cells, space for gas exchange
    • lower epidermus
  20. Guard cells
    paired cells that open and close the stomata.
  21. Herbaceous
    plants with stems not wood.
  22. woody
    plants with wood stems
  23. vascular bundle
    • arrangement of vascular tissue - xylem and tissue
    • In herbaceous plants
  24. Vascular Cambium
    • Meristematic cell layer in vascular tissue
    • In woody plants
    • Divides to form new xylem and phloem
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