Absolutism 1660-1789.txt

  1. Describe Absolutism.
    Ruler make law, dispense justice, create and direct a bureaucracy, declare war and levy tax without the approval of any other governing body
  2. The appeal and justification of absolutism?
    Absolutism promise of stability. efficiency of the central government..
  3. How Louis XIV deal with noble?
    He deprived them of political power in the provinces but increase their social prestige by making them live at his lavish court at Versailles.
  4. How Peter the Great deal with noble men?
    He forced his noble into lifelong government service.
  5. how did Catherine II deal with noble men?
    They surrended the administrative and political power of the state in return for vast estates and a variety of privileges (exemption from taxation)
  6. Louis tax policy?
    • he recruite upper bourgeosie as royal administrators.
    • taille land tax
    • capitation head tax
    • noble was exempt from tax.
  7. Louis XIV religious policies?
    He revoked the Edict of Nantes; destroyed Protestant chuches and school. 200,000 Protestant refugees fled to England, Holland, Germany, and America.
  8. Jean Baptiste Colbert
    king's finance minister from 1664 until his death in 1683. He tightern policy process, from 25% to 80% of tax collected reach the treasury. impose tariffs on foreign goods. Used state money to promote the domestic manufacture
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