1. Uterus
    Womb; pear - shaped organ where embryo and fetus develop
  2. Ovaries
    female reproductive system
  3. Testies
    Male reproductive system
  4. Sperm
    male reproductive cells
  5. male condom
    traps semen; reduces risk of sexuality transmitted diseases.
  6. contraceptives
    use of drugs, devices or techniques to prevent pregnancy
  7. IUD
    prevents pregnancy interering with implantation of fertilized ovum
  8. Abstinence
    refrainin from sexual intercourse
  9. female condom
    prevents sperm form reaching womb
  10. How long can sperm survive in the uterus
    42-48 hours
  11. what is lanugo
    thin hair on the baby's skin
  12. Weaning
    when an infant no longer bottle feeds or breast feeds and drinks from a cup
  13. Eye-hand coordination
    coordination vision with small motor skills
  14. Colic
    A pain in the abdomen with no definite cause
  15. cradle cap
    oily, patchy, yellowish scalp condition
  16. Manual dexterity
    Skilled use of hands
  17. amnidextrous
    ablilty to use both hands equally well
  18. What positions should infants sleep?
    What should they be surrounded with?
    on their back; Nothing but padded bumpers
  19. Small motor skills
    Ablilities that rely on the control and use of small muscles like in the fingers and hands
  20. Large motor skills
    skills involving the control and use of large muscles like those in arms and legs
  21. How should you treat a sore throat
    drink fluids and rest and if needed call a doctor
  22. Dramatic play
    imaginative, unrehearsed play; kids pretend to be other people or animals as they take part in make believe events
  23. Exploratory play
    children use all five senses to find out how things look, smell, taste, feel, and sound
  24. Giving choices
    • Want to feel in control
    • follow through childs choice
    • both options need to be suitable
  25. Redirection
    show something else of intrest to prevent something esle from happening
  26. Positive reinforcement
    • using praises andĀ encouragement
    • tell them exactly what they did right
  27. setting limits
    • simple and clear
    • consistency makes them enforcable
  28. I messages
    • explains without attacking
    • preserves self asteem
    • own + or - feeling
  29. active listening
    giving full attention to what the speaker was saying
  30. positive guidance
    adults direct childrenĀ  toward acceptable behavior
  31. How much time do you have to register the yourself as a care giver
    45 secs
  32. How much time do you have to give the baby proper care?
    3 mins
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