Hinduism info

  1. Polytheism
    belief in multiple gods
  2. Animism
    belief that all things have souls
  3. Aryans
    “the noble ones”; group of immigrants who moved to the Indus River Valley. Hinduism is based on their religion.
  4. Sanskrit
    language of Hindu scriptures
  5. Vedic
    relating to Hindu scripture, the Vedas; early language before Sanskrit
  6. Samsara
    the cycle of birth, life, death, & rebirth
  7. Atman
    your soul trapped in matter
  8. Reincarnation: rebirth
  9. Karma
    actions which help determine your next incarnation
  10. Moksha
    enlightenment or union of your atman with Brahman
  11. Dharma
    fulfilling your duty
  12. Ahisma
    principle of nonviolence
  13. Jati
    a Hindu caste
  14. Maya
    false knowledge or illusion
  15. Avidya
  16. Brahman
    the ultimate reality
  17. Rajas:
    chieftans of Aryan society
  18. Varnas
    basic social classes
  19. Caste
    strict social divide
  20. Brahmins
    priests, scholars
  21. Kshatriyas
  22. Vaisyas
    workers, merchants
  23. Shudras
    slaves, servants
  24. Varnashramadharma
    duties performed according to your caste and stage of life
  25. Brahma
    creator of the universe
  26. Vishnu
    preserver of the universe (10 avatars)
  27. Shiva
    destroyer of the universe
  28. Krishna
    avatar of Vishnu, in Bhagavad-Gita
  29. Holi
    festival dedicated to Krishna; once was a fertility ceremony
  30. Divali
    new year; festival of lights; connected to Kali (consort of Shiva) & Lakshmi
  31. Dasehra
    honor of Durga’s (consor of Shiva)victory over the Buffalo demon
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Hinduism info