Geometry Finals

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  1.  Conditional?

    Ex: If linear pair, then supp.

          if linear pair, then supp.
  2. Inverse?
    –q - –p

    Ex: if it is not linear pair, then not supp.
  3. Converse?

    Ex: If supp, then Linear pair
  4. Contrapostive?
    –q - –p

    Ex: if not supp, then not linear pair
  5. Medians
    • vertex to midpoint
    • centroid
    • 2/3 the way from vertex (2:1 ratio)
  6. Altitudes
    • vertex to opp. side (rt<)
    • Orthocenter
  7. Perp. Bisector
    • midpoint perp.
    • circumcenter
    • Equadistant from the verticies
  8. Angle bisector
    • vertex to opp. side
    • incenter
    • equidistant for the sides ( distant form sides are equal)
  9. Deductive reasoning
    reasoning ligically form given statement to a conclusion.
  10. Law of detachment
    p-q if p is true q is too
  11. Law of syollogism
    chain rule
  12. Biconditonal statement
    conditional and converse combined
  13. Inductive reasoning
    recongnizing or observing  patterns
  14. Conjecture
    Making a guess based on patterns
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