1. Thanksgiving
    To give an expression of your grasp of the nature/worth/quality of benefits recieved
  2. Five components to man's desire for God
    • Desire is written on the human heart
    • Man made by God
    • Man made for God
    • God never stops drawing man to Himself
    • Man only finds permanent happiness in GOd
  3. Vocation
    Calling or destiny we have in this life and hereafter. God made man to love/serve; fulfilling this vocation is eternal happiness
  4. Natural Revelation
    God makes himself known through created world by natural human reasoning
  5. Original sin
    When Adam/Eve ate the fruit and introduced death to humanity for the first time
  6. Divine revelation
    God reavealing Himself and his plan of loving kindess form ed from all eternity in Christ for the benefit of all humans
  7. Divine Revelation is revealed to the Church today by
    • Bible
    • Teaching of Jesus
    • Salvation history
  8. Sacred Scriptures
  9. Canon of the Bible
    Authentic list of inspired writings that are recognized by the Church
  10. Apolisitic Succession
    The laying of the hands on the deciples of Jesus to continue a direct connect to Him
  11. Magisterium
    Pope and Bishops who decide if a Bible book is legit or not
  12. Faith
    The virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us, and that Holy Church proposes for our belief.
  13. Prudence
    Enables us to determine which course of action is right and which is not.
  14. Fortitude
    This virtue ensures firmness in difficulty and constancy in the pursuit of the good
  15. Temerance
    directs ones impulses and desires towards what is good
  16. Biblical Exegesis
    The critical interpretation and explanation of a biblical text
  17. Communion of Saints
    the communion or unity that all the baptized have with all other baptized; which encompasses heaven and earth
  18. Gentile
    A non-jew
  19. Ravensbrook: 5 gifts the Bible gives us
    • 1. The Father in heaven meets His children with great love and speaks with them.
    • 2. Is the support and energy of the Church.
    • 3. Strength of Faith.
    • 4. Food of the soul.
    • 5. Pure/everlasting source of spiritual life.
  20. Two authors involved in the bible
    • Human
    • Divine
  21. What we must remember about human authors of the bible
    • Time/Culture
    • Literary Genre
    • Modes of thinking/feeling
  22. What we must remember about the diving writing of the bible
    • Bible as a whole
    • Sacred Tradition/teaching of church
    • God's overall plan of salvation
  23. Senses of scripture
    Literal and Spiritual
  24. 3 sense of spiritual scripture
    • Allegorical
    • Moral
    • Anagogical
  25. Allegorical
    This is where the characters or events somehow "foreshadow" Christ or his actions
  26. Moral
    This is where the passage indirectly helps us understand how we ought to act
  27. Anagogical
    This is where the passage reveals something about or leads us to our true destiny (heaven)
  28. Protoevangelium
    The first announcement of the Messiah and Redeemer, of a battle between the serpent and the Woman, and of the final victory of a descendant of hers.
  29. Salvation History
    History of God saving us
  30. Holy Trinity
    3 persons in God
  31. Covenant
    Kinship between two parties
  32. Bond in blood
  33. Birthright
    1st son's inheirtance of father's possessions and position of authority
  34. Circumcision
    Removing foreskin, symbolizing the cutting of things that bring us from God
  35. Original state of holiness and justice
    Harmoney within: God/humanity, Man/Woman, humanity/creation
  36. Four Points of salvation history
    • 1. Holy Trinity
    • 2. Original state of holiness/justice
    • 3. Gradual restoration through covenants and Jesus
    • 4. Scripture is the story of God's plan to save us
  37. Man was created in ____image
  38. Humans show their created in God's image through
    Loving in their relationships
  39. Condition for the 1st covenant
    Don't eat the forbidden fruit
  40. Consequences of Original sin
    Banished from the garden
  41. Four parts of Noah's covenant
    • 1. Promise not to destroy humanity
    • 2. Conditions: Don't kill people/eat meat with lift blood
    • 3. Bond in blood: Kill and be killed
    • 4. Sign: Rainbow
  42. Covenant of Circumcision: How was circumcision the condition, bond in blood AND sign of one of the covenants with Abraham?
    Circumcision= sign of covenant, outward sign of the fact that the condition is being kept
  43. Three promises made to abraham
    • 1. Make of you a great nation
    • 2. Make your name great
    • 3. Bless people through you
  44. Jacob and Esau were
  45. Esau was
    First born who was tricked out of his birthrights and later his blessing was stolen by Jacob
  46. Jacob got Esau's birthrights for
  47. Jacob marries
    Leah and Rachel
  48. Jacob's name is changed to
  49. God appears to Moses in
    A burning bush
  50. Moses was sent to Egypt for
    • Saving the Jews
    • (Even though he was initally sent as a save)
  51. Final plague was
    Death of the first born
  52. Israelites saved themselves from the last plague by
    Putting lamb's blood on their doors
  53. Samuel annointed David as
    King of Israel
  54. Septuagint
    The 7 additional books in the Catholic bible than the Hebew version
  55. Concil of Trent
    Occurred ~mid 1500, they decided which books went in the Old/New testaments
  56. 5 sections of New Testament
    • Gospels
    • Acts of the Apostiles
    • Revelation
    • Pauline Letters
    • Catholic Letters
  57. Sections of the old testament
    • Wisdom
    • Profits
    • Pentetuch
    • Historical
  58. Revelation
    Drama of history's last days focused on christ
  59. Pauline letters
    Letters written by st. Paul to communities of churches
  60. Acts of the Apostiles
    Gospel of Luke starts with Jesus' acension to Paul preaching in Rome
  61. Catholic letters
    Like Pauline by universally written
  62. Gospel
    Good news, 4 books/accounts
  63. Wisdom books
    Practical advice of a well lived life
  64. Prophets
    Written version of God's word to remind us of our covenant
  65. Historical books
    History of God's people/covenants
  66. Pentateuch
    The Torah, 1st five books of the Bible
  67. Is it possible for us to only know God through natural revelation?
    Yes but it's difficult
  68. apostolic succession
    Unbroken line of authority from Jesus through discliples
  69. Deposit of faith
    Truths of faith that are contained in Sacred Scripture and Sacred tradition
  70. 336 BCE
    Greeks defeat Persians, Israelites under Greek control
  71. 63BCE
    Romans occupy Judah and they're no longer an independant nation
  72. 586BCE
    Judah revolts Babylonian, Jerusalem destroyed
  73. 126BCE
    Judah becomes independant for 80 years
  74. 597BCE
    Judah surrenders to Babylon
  75. 922 BCE
    Solomon=last king of Israel and Judah
  76. 722BCE
    Judah becomes Assyrian vassal
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