Real Estate Appraisal - Chapter 9: Property Inspection and Description

  1. A two-story house has economic benefit because:

    a. it contains the most living space in relation to the lot size

    b. plumbing and other fixtures can be aligned

    c. of both a. and b.

    d. of neither a. nor b.
    (c) Two-story floor plans offer the most living space within a set perimeter. They also can cost less to heat, cool, and build because the plumbing and other interior fixtures can be aligned. page 245
  2. A home that has a stucco exterior, an orange clay tiled roof, a courtyard, and wrought iron trim and fencing is described as:

    a. Spanish

    b. Contemporary

    c. Cape Cod

    d. Victorian
    (a) A common style in the Southwest is the Spanish/Mediterranean style. This style utilizes white or light colored stucco on the exterior and an orange or brown clay tiled roof. Additionally, the Spanish style of home usually employs a courtyard and wrought iron trim and fencing. Page 247
  3. Which of the factory-built homes comes out of the factory in the smallest components?

    a. Modular houses

    b. Panel houses

    c. Precut houses

    d. Manufactured houses
    (c) The pre-cut home is like a house in a box. All the materials are delivered unassembled, but pre-cut to fit exactly in place. Therefore, each component is in its smallest form. Page 246
  4. Subject inspection is divided into which two parts?

    a. Drive by and walk through

    b. Interior and exterior

    c. Construction and amenities

    d. Subject and neighborhood
    (b) Usually a building inspection is divided into two part: exterior inspection and interior inspection. Page 244
  5. Kelly has just completed her inspection of the subject property. Her measurements identified the total area of 1,524 square feet. The attic measured 298 square feet and the combined area of the 2 1/2 baths measures 132 square feet. The kitchen and dining area measured 102 square feet and the backyard measured 121 square feet. What is the gross living area for this property?

    a. 1,524 sq. ft.

    b. 871 sq. ft.

    c. 1,105 sq. ft.

    d. 1,094 sq. ft.
    (c) Gross living are (GLA) is the total finished above ground habitable space. Usually attics, crawlspaces, and basements are not counted in this measurement. The backyard would never be counted since it is not part of the building at all. Therefore, subtract the attic and backyard areas from the total area to determine the GLA. Page 261
  6. Which part of a structure is the support for the entire building?

    a. Crawlspace

    b. Flooring

    c. Foundation

    d. Superstructure
    (c) The foundation is the support for the entire structure and its purpose is to transfer the weight of the building to the ground. Page 257
  7. Foundation problems can cause which of the following factors?

    a. Un-level floors

    b. Plumbing problems

    c. Sticking doors

    d. All of the above
    (d) Foundation problems can cause a multitude of other problems including plumbing leaks, squeaky and un-level floors, sticking doors, and cracked walls. Page 257
  8. Why are some home built with a basement?

    a Because their foundations must be below the frost line

    b. To add value to the home

    c. Builder's preference

    d. None of the above
    (a) In the colder parts of the country where the frost line ma be five or six feet deep, many homes are built with basements. This minimizes the movement associated with the cyclical freezing and thawing of the soil during the winter. Page 260
  9. Which of the following is not a type of commonly used foundation?

    a. Monolithic slab

    b. Floating slab

    c. Post-tension slab

    d. Raging slab
    (d) Monolithic, floating, screeded, and post-=tension slab are the four major types of foundations. page 258
  10. The three basic types of wood framing are:

    a. platform, balloon, and post-tension

    b. platform, floating, and post and beam

    c. balloon, post and beam, and platform

    d. screeded, balloon, and post and beam
    (c) The three types of wood framing used in residential construction are platform frame, balloon frame, and post and beam frame construction. Pages 256 - 257
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Real Estate Appraisal - Chapter 9: Property Inspection and Description
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