Pyschology Chp.11 (3)

  1. Fatal Alcohol syndrome
    A collection of congential (inborn) problems associated with exceessive alcohol use during pregnancy
  2. Temperament
    Refers to characteristic mood, activity level, and emotional reactivity
  3. Stage
    A developmental period during which characteristic patterns of behavior are exhibited and certain capacities become established
  4. Stage 1
    Trust vs. Mistrust
  5. Trust vs. mistrust
    Is my world predictable and supportive?
  6. Stage 2
    Autonomy vs. shame and doubt
  7. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt
    Can I do things myself or must I always rely on others?
  8. Stage 3
    Initiative vs. guilt
  9. Initiative vs. guilt
    Am I good or am I bad?
  10. Stage 4
    Industry vs. Inferiotiy
  11. Industry vs. Inferiority
    Am I competent or Am I worthless?
  12. Stage 5
    Idenity vs. confusion
  13. Idenity vs. confusion
    Who am I and where am I going?
  14. Stage 6
    Intimacy vs. isolation
  15. Intimacy vs. isolation
    Shall I share my life with another or live alone?
  16. Stage 7
    Generativity vs. self absorption
  17. Generativity vs. self absorption
    Will I produce something of real value?
  18. Stage 7
    Integrity vs. despair
  19. Integrity vs. despair
    Have I lived a full life?
  20. Stregthen of Erikson's theory
    It accounts for both continuity and transition in personality development
  21. Weakness in Erikson's theory
    Erikson's theory has depended heavily on illustrative case studies
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