Psychology Chp.11

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  1. Germinal stage
    • (Stage)
    • First 2 weeks
  2. Germinal stage
    Conception, implimation, formation of placenta
  3. Embryonic stage
    • (Stage)
    • 2 weeks- 2 months
  4. Embroyonic stage
    Formation of vital organs and sytems
  5. Fetal stage
    • (Stage)
    • 2 months- birth
  6. Fetal stage
    Bodily growth continues, movement capability begins, brain cells multiply
  7. Fetal stage
    Age of viability
  8. Maternal Nutriton
    Malnutritoin linked to increased risk to birth complications, neurological problems, adn psychopathology
  9. Maternal drug use
    Tobacoo, alcohol, prescription, and recreational drugs
  10. Maternal drug use
    Fetal alcohol syndrome
  11. Cephalocaudal Trend
    (Baic Principle)
    Head to foot
  12. Proximodistal trend
    (Basic principle)
    Center- outward
  13. Maturation
    Gradual unfolding of genetic blueprint
  14. Developmental norms
    • Median age
    • - Cultural Variations
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