1. how does trash go into the ocean?
    • nearly 80% of ocean trash starts on land then..
    • travel through waterways and sewers
    • swept into ocean
  2. which part of the ocean have more trash?
    most trash ends up in middle of the sea because of the ocean current which is created by the wind

    but most get trapped into ocean's seaweed
  3. how does ocean trash create great ecological harm?
    animal deformation is developed when the animals are caught in the trash
  4. what happens when water piles up?
    • it creates a gyre!
    • it is rotating ocean currents, particularly those involved with large wind movements
  5. area in the middle of the Pacific where all the current pushes the plastics there
    Northern Pacific Garbage Patch
  6. Benefits of plastics?
    • durable & strong
    • resistance to corrosion
    • lightweight
    • cheap
    • promotes cleaniness
    • flexible
    • inert (it doesn't react chemically)
    • easy to mold
    • easy to manufacture
    • easy to manipulate
  7. what is plastic made of?
    made of synthetic polymers from oil
  8. plastic has a lot of chemical because?
    • additives! such as..
    • fillers
    • reinforcements
    • pigments
    • heat stabilizers
    • UV stabilizers
    • plasticizers
    • flame retardants
    • antistatic additives
    • conductive additives
    • biocides (prevent bacteria growth)
  9. plastic can be degrade by light!
  10. plastic is water proof
  11. used to start creating plastic products
    plastic pellets
  12. why is plastic bad?
    • plastic trash is..
    • ugly
    • entangles marine life
    • mistaken for food
    • base for invasive species dispersal
    • endangers nursery habitat
    • entangles marine equipment

    some plastic sinks to the ocean floor which destroys habitat
  13. which countries use the most plastic additives?
    • US
    • China
    • W. Europe
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