biology chapter 2

  1. 2 examples of heterotrophs are...

    C. Cow and d. African swallow
  2. what are the three main categories of heterotrophs
    • 1st order heterotrophs
    • 2nd order heterotrophs
    • 3rd order heterotrophs
  3. what are two examples of autotrophs?

    a. rose
    b. lavender
    c. pig
    d. European swallow
    a and b are the correct answers
  4. An animal that creates its own food by light energy is an autotroph or a
  5. an organism that eats the producer is the
    secondary consumer
  6. the organism that eats the secondary consumer is the
    tertiary consumer
  7. 1. Suppose there are 1,000 units of energy in grass, how many units of energy will the 3rd order heterotroph receive?

    a. 1,000
    b. 100
    c. 10
    d. 1

    2. How many units of energy have been lost by the time it has reached the third order heterotroph?

    a. 900
    b. 9900
    c. 9990
    d. 9999
    • 1. d
    • 2. d
  8. 2 examples of biogeochemical cycles are

    a. water cycle
    b. harry potter cycle
    c. the carbon cycle
    d. the biology cycle
    a and c
  9. what does the arrow represent in both food chains or food webs?
    energy transfer
  10. what is demonstrated through the pyramids of energy, biomass, and numbers?
    the trophic levels and reduction in species
  11. precipitation, evaporation, runoff, condensation, and transpiration are all components of the..
    water cycle
  12. nitrogen is released into the air by

    C. decomposer
  13. carbon dioxide is released by ________ and returned into the biosphere by what kind of organism?
    heterotrophs, plants
  14. As energy is passed through a food chain, some of this energy is lost in the form of _____ to the environment.
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