Literary Terms (Hyperbole - Parody)

  1. Hyperbole
    An incredible exaggeration or overstatement.
  2. Imagery
    The use of language to evoke a picture or concrete sensation of a person, a thing, a place, or an experience.
  3. Inversion
    The reversal of the normal word order in a sentence or phrase.
  4. Irony
    A discrepancy between appearances and reality.
  5. Verbal Irony
    When someone says one thing but means something else.
  6. Situational Irony
    When there is a discrepancy between what is expected and what actually happens.
  7. Dramatic Irony
    When a character thinks one thing is true, but the audience or reader knows better.
  8. Juxtaposition
    When normally unassociated ideas, words, or phrases are placed next to each other.
  9. Litotes
    A double negative (Not unsubstantial).
  10. Local Color
    A term applied to fiction or poetry which tends to place special emphasis on a particular setting, including its customs, clothing, dialect, and landscape.
  11. Lyric Poem
    A poem that does not tell a story but expresses the personal feelings or thoughts of the speaker.
  12. Metonymy
    A figure of speech in which a person, place, or thing, is referred to by something closely associated with it.
  13. Mood
    An atmosphere created by a writer's diction and the details selected.
  14. Motif
    Something the appears over and over throughout a work, or in several works by one author.
  15. Motivation
    The reasons for a character's behavior.
  16. Onomatopoeia
    The use of words whose sounds echo their sense (Zap, Pop, Zoom).
  17. Oxymoron
    A figure of speech that combines opposite or contradictory terms in a brief phrase.
  18. Parable
    A relatively short story that teaches a moral, or lesson about how to lead a good life.
  19. Paradox
    A statement that appears self-contradictory, but reveals a kind of truth.
  20. Parallel Structure (Parallelism)
    The repetition of words or phrases that have similar grammatical structures.
  21. Parody
    A work that satirizes another work by imitating some aspect of the writer's style.
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Literary Terms (Hyperbole - Parody)
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