Social 20-2 Final

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  1. Hegemony
    When a great country has control over a subordinate country
  2. Revolutionary
    Something that has changed from thing to another, but by a lota lot
  3. Liberal Internationalism
    When you beliefs of the concept of internationalism are different from transitional ideas
  4. Environmentalism
    When you are a proponent of the protection of the environment
  5. Humanitarianism
    When you are a proponent of the protection of human rights.
  6. Interventionism
    To influence something not under your direct control
  7. Isolationism
    When a entity place them selves away from the rest
  8. Voluntary Balkanization 
    when a nation fragments or divide a region away from the rest 
  9. Conflict Resolution
    When a fight or war is concluded with both side finding common ground
  10. Terrorism
    Act of ultra violence to perform protest or usually to show ultranationalism.
  11. Multilateralism
    When multiple countries come together to work through a problem as a team
  12. Bilateralism 
    When only 2 countries come together to work through a problem as a team
  13. Unilateralism
    When a country only helps its self through its problems, unlike multilateralism
  14. Geopolitics
    • is politics in the main topic of land.
    • eg. Aboriginal Land Claims
  15. Supranationalism
    The giving up of power to one greater joint force. and as well the belief of superiority above all other.
  16. United Nations
    A world Peace Keep council whose purpose is conflict resolution and peacemaking
  17. African Union
    A peacekeeping force council with 51 states for Africa
  18. European Union
    the Supra-nationalist union of majority of the European countries. dealing with economics and politics of europe.
  19. World Trade Organization
    A global organization that monitors the acts of trading world wide. and sees if the trades are fair and adequate.
  20. International Monetary Fund
    A world lending force, that's purpose is to lend money to countries that need money in times of down turn or disparity.
  21. Peacekeeping
    Is the act of defense or protection to the Effected force, and not a direct attack to the Opposing force.
  22. Peacemaking
    The act of creating peace by assisting in conflict resolution.
  23. Foreign Aid
    Is Aid in time of need from a country who is not necessarily bound to an agreement to help the effected country 
  24. Tied Aid
    Is Aid that must be spent in the countries giving the aid.
  25. GDP
    Gross Domestic Produce. The total annual amount of product made by that country.
  26. Economic Sanctions
    Are barriers to trade due to conflicting issues such as economic circumstances.

    eg.  Iran is under Economic sanction due to they're development of nuclear weaponry. so certain products can not be traded with Iran at this time.
  27. Collective Security
    • Is a Unilateral or Bilateral agreement between countries to protect each other from enemies and assist them in they're defense.
    • ex. Canada is under a Collective Security agreement with the US, so if the Russians attack them. We have to help.
  28. Absolute Poverty
    Is wide-spread poverty over one area.
  29. IGO
    Inter-government Organizations. are organizations in government dedicated to specific areas.
  30. NGO
    • Non-Government Organizations. are organizations that assist world matters, but are public Org.'s.
    • Eg. Red Cross
  31. Climate Change
    is the change of weather due to the green house gas effect.
  32. Kyoto Protocol
    Is a joint, International agreement to lower total annual emissions by 20% by 2020
  33. Free Trade
    Is trade of two products between countries without any Barriers or Tariffs.
  34. Millennium Development Goals
    Goals Set by Countries at the start of a new millennium to be completed over 100 years.
  35. NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A Peace Keeping force for countries north of the Atlantic ocean to keep them at peace.
  36. Nation
    A Community of people with like ideas a ways of life as well as many other attributes
  37. Nation State
    is a state with its own legitimate government acting under a sovereign state.
  38. Patriotism
    Is pride to owns country, and willingness to that country.
  39. Civic Nation 
    is a nation whose people identify them selves to the nation.
  40. Perspectives of Nationalism
    • the different Point of views of Nationalism
    • there's 6 perspectives:
    • - Linguistic Nationalism
    • - Ethnic Nationalism
    • - Cultural Nationalism
    • - Religion Nationalism
    • - Geographic Nationalism
    • - Political Nationalism
  41. Linguistic Nationalism
    Loyalty to the language one speaks

    ex. If you live in china but only speak french
  42. Ethnic Nationalism
    Loyalty to ones Race of descent.
  43. Cultural Nationalism
    Loyalty to ones traditional way of life, and way of doing things.
  44. Religious Nationalism
    Loyalty to ones spiritual beliefs.
  45. Geographic Nationalism
    Loyalty to Physical location one lives.
  46. Political Nationalism
    Loyalty to ones political beliefs.
  47. Self Determination
    Determination give by ones self to ones self, and not influenced by anyone else.
  48. Sovereignty
    The leadership of one high ruler, close to dictatorship but not quite.
  49. National Myths
    Are stories we tell to inspire our people of the strength of our nation.
  50. National Symbol
    • Is a distinct Symbol we as a nation have to represent us.
    • eg. Canada has the Maple Leaf
  51. Pluralism
    when Smaller groups of different cultures and ethnicity are kept in a larger Nation (See Multiculturalism)
  52. Multiculturalism
    Is a Nation which there is many diverse ethnicities and cultures part of the nation
  53. Responsible Government
    Is a government whose is doing as they said they would, and to the best of they're ability.
  54. Confederation
    Is in July 1 1867, where Canada was defined as a self kept nation by Britain.
  55. Self Government
    Is a government of a people with a nation with its own government.

    eg. First nations people have they're own government. and police. and fire department.
  56. Indian Act
    Is an act initiated in 1951, giving laws to first nations people of the rights of reserves and aboriginal citizenship and stripping of it.
  57. Western Alienation
    Occurred during the energy crisis, where the oil prices for western Canada rose and eastern prices dropped leaving Alberta to pay high taxes.
  58. Quebec Nationalism
    Is Quebecois loyalty to they're province, and mainly the belief that Quebec should be its own nation. 
  59. Economic Nationalism
    The loyalty to the nations economic status, and protection of it.
  60. Reasonable Accomodation
    When certain laws are made to accommodate multicultural status in Canada.
  61. Non-Nationalist Loyalties
    are the peoples loyalties to personal beliefs.
  62. Aboriginal Self Government
    Where the Aboriginal people have a government separate from the federal government of Canada.
  63. Amendment
    A change to the a law or contract or constitution.
  64. asymetrical federalism
    Is where all regional governments inside a federal government are as equal.
  65. Bilingualism
    • Is where there are to general spoken languages
    • eg. Canada has French and English
  66. Bill 101
    Was a bill passed that French was the mandatory language of Quebec and all business and schooling must be done in French, as well as all labels must have the Title in French as well throughout Canada.
  67. Charlottetown Accord
    Is the Second the second attempt to have Quebec join the was a package of amendments to the constitution. it was set to a referendum in 1992, but was defeated later that year.
  68. Constitution
    Are the Laws and rights of the people of the country that the government must follow.
  69. Federalism
    Is the way of governing where they're are government regions in a nation under one large Federal Government.
  70. Founding Nations
    The Three founding nations are, Aboriginal English and the French
  71. Inherent Rights
    The rights that as person has just for being a person.
  72. Land Claims
    Are claims by the aboriginal people to the government of the land we promised them
  73. Louis Riel
    Known for being the first Metis, and is regarded to be one of the greatest traitors of all time. But at the same a great hero in Canadian history
  74. Meech Lake Accord
    Is the first amendment to the constitution, regarding Quebec and the events happening in it such as the FLQ crisis.
  75. Parti Quebecois
    Is the current Premier party of Quebec, and is highly separationist and ultra-linguistic nationalists 
  76. Patriation
    Is the non-legal term for amendment
  77. Quiet Revolution
    is the realignment of the Federalist Belief, and the Separatist belief
  78. Ratification
    Is the principal of approval of laws and bills
  79. Sovereignty Association
    Where a Nation and its government still report to a Sovereign, even in Confederation
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