11 body system

  1. Integumentary system
    • Form external covering
    • protect deeper body tissue
    • synthesize DNA
  2. Skeletal system
    • Protect and support organ
    • provide framework  4 muscles
    • reb blood cells formed w/in bone
    • bone stores minerals
  3. muscular system
    • allows manipulation of the enviro
    • maintain posture 
    • produce heat
  4. nervous system
    • fast acting control system
    • respond to internal and external change
  5. Endocrine system
    • Glands secret hormones that regulate process
    • ex. for growth, reproduction, and nutrient
  6. cardiovascular system
    blood vesswls transport blood
  7. lymphatic system/ immune system
    • dispose of debris in lymph system 
    • house white blood cells (lymph/o/cytes)
  8. Respiratory system
    keeps blood constantly supplied with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide
  9. Digestive system
    breaks down food into absorable units
  10. urinary system
    eliminates nitrogenous waste from the body
  11. reproductive system
    production of offspring
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