Genetics 1

  1. Definition of Mitosis
    production of 2 cells, each with the identical number of chromosomes as the parental cell. Occurs in growth and healing.
  2. Definition of Meiosis
    reduces the amount of genetic material and the number of chromosomes by 1/2. Occurs in gamete production.
  3. Chromatin
    thread-like structures of genetic material before prophase
  4. S-State
    synthesis. Genetic material is replicated.
  5. Homologous Chromosomes 
    same size, shape, structure, and carry the same genes
  6. n
    haploid number; number of chromosomes in gametes
  7. Karyotyping
    pairing up homologous chromosomes, then arranging them from largest to smallest.
  8. Prophase
    • migration of 2 pairs of centrioles (a kind of organelle; go to opposite poles)
    • break down of nuclear envelope
    • chromatin coils and condenses to chromosomes
  9. Prometaphase 
    period of chromosome mvt
  10. Metaphase
    • centrioles are at opposite poles
    • chromosomes at equitorial plate
    • spindle fibers are now visible, extending from centrioles to chromosomes.
  11. Anaphase
    • separation of sister-chromatids
    • chromatids become daughter chromosomes
  12. Telophase
    • cleavage furrowing in animal cells
    • cell plate in plant cells
    • DNA uncoils
    • opposite of prophase
  13. synapsis
    the pairing of homologous chromosomes
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