Biology Final

  1. Ways to stop bacteria growth
    • temp
    • moicture
    • radiation
    • chemicals
  2. Bad effects of bacteria
    • food spoliage
    • infections
  3. Good effects of bacteria
    • fermentation
    • decomposition
    • used to make/ produce chemicals (insulin)
  4. What are the basic shapes of virus
    • cocaus- round
    • straphlococci- grape like clusters
    • bacillus- rod shaped
    • spirlla- spiral shaped
  5. What is the level 4 of biohazard
    doors are airtight; chemical (decon)showers exist
  6. What is level 3 of biohazard
    all openings are taped; spacesuit is put on
  7. What is the level 2 of biohazard
    sterilization with ultraviolet light; socks, glove
  8. What is level 1 of biohazard
    all clothers are removed and scrubs are put on
  9. What the immune repsonse system (5 steps)
    • 1. Helper T- identifies the incader and sends info to B cells
    • 2. B cells- produce anitbodies specific to invader
    • 3. Killer T cells- kills cells that invader has infected
    • 4. Suppressor T cells- slow down and stop B/T cells when invader is contained
    • 5. Memory cells- recongize antigen that has previously invaded the body which increases the immmune response time
  10. What are Methanogens
    gain energy by converting hydrogen gas into methan gas
  11. What are extreme halphiles
    salt loving
  12. What are Thermoacidophiles
    thrive in extremely hot and extremelt acidic conditions
  13. Whats a vaccination
    vaccination is where the dead virus is injected to the body in order for the body to go through the process and be able to identify the virus the next time it enters the body
  14. The steps of the viral reproduction (5 steps)
    • 1. Attach- to the cell
    • 2. Entry- DNA/RNA is injected into the cell
    • 3. Repkication- the host cell if tricked into copying viral DNA/RNA
    • 4. Assmbly- the host cell assembles new virus
    • 5. Release- new viruses burst host cell and move on to infect other cells
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