Solidworks Review

  1. How do you begin a Solid works session?
    file, new, part
  2. After you have opened a solid works file, how do you begin a new sketch?
    pick plane, insert sketch
  3. What does the rectangle sketch tool do?
    parallel lines for rectangle
  4. Which tool would be best suited to create an arc of ANY size between two points?
    threepoint arc
  5. Suppose you have just created a 3D model. What is a quick way to determine the area of one of tis faces?
    After you rebuild, select tools, measure
  6. Describe the steps to change a parts unit dimenssion for an entire model from inches to millimeters
    tools, options, properties, units
  7. What are the three default reference planes?
    front, top, right side
  8. Which feature would be used to add a tall cylinder to the top of a plate after a circle has been drawn on the plate?
    extrude boss/base
  9. What does the black sketch color mean?
  10. What does the red sketch color mean?
  11. How do you dimension an angle between two line segments with the smart dimension tool?
    smart dimension and click on two sides that make up an angle
  12. What does the Offset entities sketch tool do?
    creates a copty of a sketch that's moved over
  13. Which tool acts like an eraser to erase extra line segments?
    tools, sketch tools, trim (scissors)
  14. How do you find the area and the surface area of a simple object?
    tools, measure
  15. What is meant by the scale on a drawing?
    ratio of the drawing to the actual part
  16. What is meant by third angle drawing?
    a front, top, and right side view
  17. How do you add text to a part?
    insert, annotation, note
  18. What is meant by design intent?
    designing with the intention that the part will have to be changed
  19. What does the relations operation do?
    adds a geometric or sizing constraint
  20. What tool is used to spin a sketch about an axis?
  21. What is necessary to successfully generate a revolved solid?
    an axis
  22. Whaty feature can be used to round corners of a solid object?
  23. How do you find the center of an existing sketch line?
    right click on line and pick select midpoint
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