APR History

  1. Who was the father of modern public relations?
    Edward L. Bernays
  2. What 4 important contributions to PR is Ivy Ledbetter Lee known for?
    1. Business and industry should align themselves with the public interest.

    2. Dealing with top executives and carrying out programs only with leadership support.

    3. Maintaining Open Communication with the news media.

    4. Emphasizing the necessity of humanizing business and brinign its public relations to the community level - employees, customers, neighbors.
  3. Who was the first public relations counselor?
    Ivy Ledbetter Lee
  4. What are the 4 classic models of PR?
    • 1. Press Agentry/Publicity
    • 2. Public Information
    • 3. Two-Way Asymmetric
    • 4. Two Way Symmetric
  5. Under the 4 models of public relations, define Press Agentry/Publicity.
    One way communication, usually mass media, that may be exaggerated or distored "hype". P.T. Barnum was the historical figure leading this ever from 1850-1900. Thinks sports, circus, classic Hollywood.
  6. Under the four classic models of PR - Define Public Information
    • One way distribution
    • Based on journalistic ideal of accuracy and completeness
    • Generally through mass media
    • Little audience research regarding attitudes and dispositions
    • Ivy Lee is the historial leader - 1910-1920s
  7. Under the four classic models of PR - define two-way asymmetric
    Scientific persuasion is the purpose, and communication is two-way with imbalanced effects. The model has a feedback loop but the primary pupose is to help the communicator better understand the audience and how to persuade it.

    Research  is a big part of the planning.

    Edward Bernays is the leading historical figure, starting in the 1020s.
  8. Based on the four classic models of PR, define two-way symmetric
    Gaining mutual understanind is the purpose.

    Communication is balanced and two-way

    Research is used to find out how the public feels about the company/organization.

    Based on 'Relationship Building'

    Evalution measures improved understanding

    Edward Bernays led in this approach later in his career. Used more widely from 1980 on.

    Includes: issue identification, crisis and risk management, long-range strategic planning.
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APR History
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