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  1. supplant V.
    to displace, to substitute for another

    The old man supplanted the old batteries with newer ones, which enabled him to finally play with his childhood toy.

  2. circumscribe verb
    to draw a line around; to set the limits; to define

    Circumscribing the rules to the teenage girl, the foster parents sternly set down the rules of the foster house, blatantly describing the consequences that would ensue if the rules weren't followed. 

  3. vapid adj.
    without liveliness; dull; spiritless

    The vapid teacher was reaching her later years in life, she rarely taught the class, always sulking around as if she was already gone. 

  4. inert adj.
    inactive; sluggish; not reacting

    The poison gas fired by the enemy was inert; even though he had been exposed for a couple minutes, Joe survived without any health problems. 

    Compound Complex
  5. insidious adj.
    treacherous; sneaky and crafty

    The insidious man slowly crept closer to the lost child sneakily offering him candy in his van. 

  6. reparation noun
    paying back; making amends

    After many years of no contact the prodigal son finally returned to his fathers house, offering reparations for all his stupid doings.

  7. turpitude Noun
    shameful wickedness

    People who ignorantly display disdain towards U2 obviously have traits of turpitude and stupidity as U2 is an amazing band. 

  8. fulsome adj.
    offensively flattering or insincere

    The fulsome employee was a butt-kisser; he constantly complimented the boss even though he knew he didn't really mean it. 

  9. hone verb
    to sharpen; to make perfect

    The warriors waited in there camp, some resting, some singing, some honing their swords. 

  10. inveterate adj
    habitual; firm in habit; deeply rooted 

    The inveterate man had OCD, causing him to constantly do habits.

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