Documentary ; Difrancia

  1. what was the great shock tactic utilized by knights on the battlefield of the 12th century medieval europe?
    large scale heavy armored horse charge
  2. what area of europe was known to be melee capital of the medieval world during the 12th century?
    northern france
  3. describe the physical features of william marshal as laid down in his biography
    • - over 6ft
    • - well built
    • - brown hair
  4. what device was often used by pages & squires to practice lance charges from horseback?
    a quintain
  5. what prize did knights hope to acieve in a melee battle if they took another knight prisoner?
    a ransom
  6. what type of armor was typical for a 12th century medieval knight?
    chain male & padding
  7. what is the name of the system that knights use to recognize each other on the medieval battlefield?
  8. what young king would william marshall be made regiont of england to look after until he was of age?
    henry the III
  9. what was the last great battle that william marshal would participate in as a regiont of england?
    battle of linkin
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Documentary ; Difrancia