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  1. 1. Tannen believes that, more than anything else, women seek
    human connection.
  2. 2. Tannen believes that, more than anything else, men seek
  3. 3. Tannen maintains that men use talk
    a) as a weapon.
  4. 4. Women listening to a story or explanation tend to
    offer head nods.
  5. 5. Women's behavior when interrupting another person to add a word of agreement or show support is called
    cooperative overlap.
  6. 6. Women typically ask questions to
    establish a connection with another person.
  7. 7. According to Tannen, the first step in overcoming destructive responses and miscommunication between men and women is to
    a) understand each other's styles and the motives behind them.
  8. 8. The “aha factor” refers to
    situations in which a theory is reaffirmed by one's personal experience.
  9. 9. Julia Wood and Christopher Inman observe that
    the prevailing ideology of intimacy discounts the ways that men draw close to each other.
  10. 10. Tannen's work on genderlects styles has been criticized because
    All of the above.
  11. 11. Tannen claims that conversations between men and women reflect men's conscious efforts to dominate women.
  12. 12. Tannen believes that male-female conversation is inherently cross-cultural communication.
  13. 13. Tannen found that although two girls could sit comfortably face-to-face and carry on a serious conversation about people they knew, when two boys were asked to do the same, they were restless, never looked at each other, and could not complete the task.
  14. 14. Tannen believes that, despite popular mythology, both men and women are primarily interested in human connection.
  15. 15. Whereas women value report talk, men emphasize rapport talk.
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