Guidon - Trivia pt. 2

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  1. How many Virginia governors were born at Smithfield Plantation?
  2. Who is buried in the Smithfield Plantation cemetery behind the Cage?
    Governor James Patton Preston
  3. When were women first allowed into the Bugle?
  4. When was the first female cadet admitted to the Corps?
  5. Who were the first three professors?
    Lane, Martin, and Carrol
  6. Who is Virginia Tech's only Noble Prize winner?
    Robert Richardson '58
  7. Which former Regimental S-1 discovered Liquid Helium-3?
    Robert Richardson '58
  8. The movie "October Sky" is about who?
    Homer Hickam, class of 1964
  9. October Sky is based on which book?
    Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam
  10. John Philip Sousa dedicated which march to the Highty-Tighties?
    Hands Across the Seas
  11. How many Presidential Inaugural Parades has the regimental band won?
  12. The regimental band won three Regimental Inaugural Parades in which years?
    1953, 1957, 1961
  13. The Presidential Inaugural Parade was ruled non-competitive days before which Inaugural?
    The 1965 Inaugural
  14. Franklin D. Roosevelt awarded the Highty-Tighties a white cord in 1936 for what?
    Their service in the 1898 Spanish-American War
  15. How many times have the Highty-Tighties gone to the Presidential Inaugural?
  16. What years have the Highty-Tighties gone to the Presidential Inaugural?
    1917, 1953, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1981, 1997, and 2005
  17. How was the engineer who built the Burma Road, "the road that could not be built?"
    General Lewis Pike.  Burma Road = Pick's Pike
  18. How many Generals and Admirals does VT have among its alumni?
    Over 100
  19. How many Four Star Generals are among VT's alumni?
  20. Who are VT's highest ranking alumni?
    General Thomas Richards, 1956 (USAF Ret.), and General Lance L. Smith, 1969, (USAF Ret.)
  21. How many of VT's alumni have died in war?
    428. WWI - 26, WWII - 323, Korea - 30, Vietnam - 37, Lebanon - 1, Gulf War - 2, Iraqi Freedom - 9
  22. Who was General Eisenhower's ranking engineer in the WWII European Theater?
    Major General Cecil Moore, 1916
  23. What was the bloodiest day in VT history?
    D-Day, June 6, 1944
  24. How many alumni were killed on D-Day?
  25. Which two alumni died of wounds received on D-Day?
    CPT Norman L. Aiger '39 and PFC Raymond L. Sanford '45
  26. Who are among VT's Gulf War dead?
    • -Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Michael Mann (formerly Alpha Company), 1988 of the USS Iwo Jima
    • -1st Lt Donaldson Tillar (formerly of Golf Company), 1988, US Army 1st Infantry Division
  27. When was the term "rat" first used for freshmen cadets?
    In 1873
  28. The use of the term "rat" was discouraged after which year?
  29. Who was the NASA flight director for the first spaceflight, first orbital, and first spacewalk?
    Christopher Kraft '45, N company
  30. Christopher Kraft '45, N company, was NASA's ___ when the crew of Apollo 11 made the first lunar landing.
    Director of Flight Operations
  31. Christopher Kraft eventually served as ___.
    Director, Manned Spaceflight Center
  32. The two unmounted 3" Civil War cannons were purchased with money won as a drill prize from what?
    The 1888 Virginia Exposition.
  33. The original Skipper cannon was partially made from brass donated by cadets from which four classes?
    '64, '65, '66, and '67.
  34. Most of the brass used in the original Skipper cannon came from ___.
    Outside donations and shells.
  35. Where does the name "Skipper" come from?
    President Kennedy, former skipper patrol Torpedo Boat 109
  36. Who spoke the words from WWI, "Retreat?  Hell!  We just got here!"
    Major Lloyd Williams, 1907, USMC
  37. "Retreat?  Hell!  We just got here!" was a response to what?
    French orders to retreat during a German assault in WWI
  38. What was Major Lloyd Williams awarded?
    The Distinguished Service Cross
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