BBA 22

  1. 1. Noelle-Neumann suggests that people have what amounts to a sixth sense that provides trustworthy information about what a society in general is thinking and feeling. This sixth sense is called a
    quasi-statistical organ.
  2. 2. Public opinion is best defined as the attitudes that
    people feel they can express in public without isolating themselves.
  3. 3. A person's mistaken assumption that everyone thinks like him or her is called
    A. pluralistic ignorance.
  4. 4. The researcher whose group conformity studies with different length lines lent support for the notion of a spiral of silence was
    Solomon Asch.
  5. 5. Certain people are more likely to share minority views than are others. Which of the following relationships has been supported through research?
    Middle- and upper-class people speak out more than lower class people.
  6. 6. The most important factor that determines if people will voice their own opinion is whether they are
    in the majority or minority.
  7. 7. A vocal minority of outspoken believers who continue to speak out in defiance of threats of isolation because they have nothing to lose are called
    A. hard-core nonconformists.
  8. 8. Dietram Scheufele found contemporary support from the spiral of silence by asking people their opinion toward and willingness to speak out about
  9. 9. Noelle-Neumann recommends that two questions should be asked to sample an individual's perception of the climate of opinion. These questions sample the
    present climate and future forecast.
  10. 10. The spiral of silence theory has been criticized because
    Noelle-Neumann relies on hypothetical scenarios rather than the observation of actual behavior
  11. 11. The train/plane test is designed to determine who is willing to speak out in favor of their viewpoint.
  12. 12. Recent laws have encouraged minority opinion holders to speak out more than they had in the past.
  13. 13. Noelle-Neumann's spiral of silence theory intends to explain how journalists control the minds of the audience by manipulating images of violence.
  14. 14. The fear of being wrong is the centrifugal force that accelerates the spiral of silence.
  15. 15. Noelle-Neumann believes that the average person can tell which way public opinion is going without the benefit of random samples and survey techniques.
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