westward expansion

  1. the belief that the U.S. would inevitably expand westward to the pacific ocean and into Mexican and native american territory
    manifest destiny
  2. what two animals were very important to the Plains Indians?
    Buffalo and Horse
  3. law passed in 1887 that was intended to "Americanize" native Indians by distributing reservations land to individual owners
    Dawes Act
  4. what inventions that helped settle the west
    • steel plow
    • mechanical reaper'revolver
    • barbed wire
    • railroads
    • steel windmill
  5. what is Annihilation of Buffalo
    when buffalo were almost completely wiped out by whites
  6. In 1867 _______ started the patrons of husbandry (Grange) to fight the rail roads.
    Oliver Kelley
  7. what is grange
    it pulled people from other occupations who sympathized with farmers
  8. the struggle of the farmer against the railroad led to the ____________________ the movement of the people
    populist movement
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westward expansion