Classical Conversations

  1. What is a preposition?
    A preposition relates a noun or pronoun to another word.
  2. What are the prepositions?
    about   above   across   after   against   along   amid   amid   among   around   at   atop   before   behind   below   beneath   beside   between   beyond   but   by   concerning   down   during    except   for   from   in   inside   into   like   near   of   off   on   onto   out   outside   over   past   regarding   since   through   throughout   to    toward   under   underneath   until   up   upon   with   within  without
  3. What is a helping verb?
    Helps another verb assert action, being, or existence.
  4. What are the helping verbs?
    do   does   did   has   have   had   am   are   is   was   were   be   being   been   may   must   might   should   could   would   shall   will   can   
  5. What is a linking verb?
    Makes an assertion by joining two words.
  6. What are the linking verbs?
    feel   become   remain   taste    seem   appear   look   sound   stay   smell   grow   be  
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