MicB 3301-Quiz Material

  1. Immunochemistry/Serology
    Study of Ab/Ag interactions
  2. Agglutination
    specific Ag binding with Ab
  3. Immunoprecipitation, Precipitins
    Immunoprecipitation detects soluble Ag with a visible precipitate

    • Precipitins are Ab

  4. Ouchterlony plate method (aka double diffusion technique)
    Uses immunodiffusion to examine the ability of test solutions of Ab and Ag to form stable immune complexes. A ppt line forms on agar between sera and anti-sera that match.
  5. hemolysins
    Virulence factors that destruct RBCs and leave alpha or beta hemolysis on BAP
  6. coagulase
    Virulence factors that clot blood plasma and form a protective shield to protect the bacteria from macrophages
  7. fibinolysins/streptokinase
    Virulence factors that lyse plasma or fibrin clots; frees organism to spread
  8. Types of exotoxins (lab 16)
    • Enterotoxins: stimulate GI cells abnormally
    • Cytotoxins: kill host via enzymatic attack
    • Neurotoxins: interfere with normal nerve fx
  9. Elek Test
    determines the production of diptheria toxin via a known specific Corynebacterium diptheriae antitoxin
  10. Lecithinase and Lecithinase C toxin
    method for determining lecithinase production: egg-yolk agar is rich in lecithin. Lecithinase C toxin is produced by Clostridium perfringens. It enables the organism to rapidly spread via edema, necrosis, gas production, and gangrene.
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MicB 3301-Quiz Material