Medical Terminology Prefixes

  1. a-, an, ir-, ar-,
    without, lack of, no-, not
  2. ab-, ef-
    away from
  3. ad-, af-
    to, toward, near
  4. ambi-
    both, double, two
  5. ana-
    apart, up, back, again
  6. ante-
    before, in front of
  7. anti-
    against, reversed
  8. bi-, bin-, di-, diplo-, co-
    two, twice, double
  9. cata-
    down, under, against
  10. circum-
    around, about, circle
  11. com, con-, co-
    together, with both (two)
  12. contra-
    against, opposite
  13. de-
    away from, remove
  14. dia-
    across, complete, between, total, apart, thorough
  15. dis-
    apart or away from, reverse
  16. e-
    out, to remove, protrude
  17. ec- 
    out from, out
  18. ecto-
    on outer side, situated on
  19. em-, en-
    in, within
  20. endo-
  21. epi-
    upon, on
  22. ex-, exo-
    upon, on, outside, an outer side, outer layer, protrude
  23. extra-
  24. hyper-
    excessive, over, above, more
  25. hypo- 
    under, below, deficient, low, less, lessor
  26. im-, in-
    in, into, or not
  27. infra-
    below, under
  28. inter-
  29. intra-
  30. intro-
    into, within, in, into
  31. meta-
    beyond, after, change
  32. para-
    beside, near, beyond
  33. per-
    through, excessive, in
  34. peri-
  35. post-
    after, behind
  36. pre-, pro-
    before, in front of
  37. re- 
    back, again, contrary
  38. retro-
    backward, behind
  39. sub-
    under, low, beneath
  40. super-
    above, upper, upon excessive
  41. supra-
    above, upper, upon, excessive
  42. sym-, syn-
    together, with
  43. trans-
    across, through, beyond
  44. ultra-
    beyond, in excess
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