AQA Physics 1 Topics 2 & 3

  1. Which form of energy increases if an object is lifted?
    Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE)
  2. What do we call the law that says that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed"?
    Conservation of energy
  3. What term do we use to describe wasted energy spreading out?
    • Dissipation (process)
    • Dissipated (what happens to the energy)
  4. What type of diagram is used to show the amount of useful and wasted energy in a device (or process)?
    Sankey diagram
  5. What is the unit of electrical power?
    Watt (W)
  6. What unit is the same as 1 joule per second?
    Watt (W)
  7. Name 4 forms of energy
    • Any four from:
    • sound,
    • thermal,
    • light,
    • kinetic (KE)
    • strain,
    • electrical,
    • chemical,
    • Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE)
  8. What form of energy is most wasted energy turned into?
    Thermal energy (heat)
  9. What type of energy is stored in a squashed bouncy ball?
    Strain energy
  10. What device transfers electrical energy into sound energy?
  11. What name do we give to how quickly devices use energy?
  12. What is the unit of time?
    Seconds (s)
  13. What is "wasted" energy?
    Energy that is not transferred into the form we want
  14. What is the maximum efficiency a machine can have?
  15. How many joules are there in 3.5kJ?
  16. What is the kilowatt hour (kWh) a unit of?
    Energy (NOT power !)
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