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  1. Explain the functionality of the following:

    -CeTARSii Menu:


    • CeTARSii Menu: Allows user to view form 51 of course
    • CeTARS Monitor: Allows user to 
    •        -Course Overview
    •        -Student Activity 
    •        -Quality Assurance
    •        -Metrics
    • Discoverer Plus: enables AD-Hoc Queries on data base
  2. Explain the functionality of CANTRAC
    Basic Course, Location, Navy E-Learning Search Report and Class Schedules
  3. Explain what a Training Officer or Sailor can do in ENTRS
    Request seats in Navy schools
  4. In CANTRAC, what function ability portion of CeTARS is where course data is initially input and updates, this data is automatically updated in CANTRAC.
  5. What is functional area of CeTARS is where CIN Student and other pertinent course data CDP a Learning Center can be found in?
    -CeTARS Menu
  6. Data gathered in CeTARS can be exported in what formats?
    Data can be exported in Excel, Word, or PDF.
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