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  1. cell that will attack foreign particle is?
  2. Sickle cell crisis nursing intervention will be?
    move to warm room
  3. Factor VIII deficiency will lead to?
    Excessive bleeding from a cut
  4. Iron should be given?
    between meals
  5. Test that will measure the absorption of radioactive vitamin b12 is?
    schilling test
  6. discharge teaching plan pt dx with thrombocytopenia
    use a soft bristle toothbrush
  7. anatomic location of bone marrow aspiration?
    to the posterior hip
  8. tx of polycythemia vera is?
  9. pt decreased erythrocyte count?
    administer erythropoietin (epogen)
  10. 12 month old iron deficiency anemia sign is?
  11. care for pt with autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura avoid?
    im injection and venipunctures
  12. neutrophils help fight?
  13. Normal range for WBC?
    5k to 10k
  14. normal range for platelet?
    150k to 400k
  15. Normal range of RBC female and male
    • male 4.7 to 6.1 million/mm3
    • female 4.2 to 5.4 million/mm3
  16. normal range hemoglobin female and male?
    • male 14-18g/dl
    • female `12-16g/dl
  17. hematocrit normal ranges male and female
    • 42-52% male
    • 37-47% female
  18. polycythemia vera?
    increase in red blood cells
  19. before blood transfusion check?
    pt ABO and Rh types
  20. pt with various bruises ask?
    do you take aspirin
  21. iron injected by z track why?
    iron stains superficial tissue and needs to bbe sealed deeply
  22. pt with anemia expect to see?
    dyspnea with activity
  23. intervention pt with platelet count of 5k
    assess for petechiae
  24. aplastic anemia is a
    the activity of the bone marrow is depressed
  25. head injury assess for?
  26. a test with different kinds of white blood cells are counted and reported is
  27. institute bleeding precautions when?
    platelets lower than 50k
  28. deficiency in b12 ask what first?
    do you notice any changes in your memory
  29. DIC is
    an acquired hemorrhagic syndrome of clotting cascade overstimulation and anticlotting process
  30. sickle cell pt nurse finds pt is
  31. the process certain cells engulf and digest microorganisms and cellular debris is called
  32. pt with pernicious anemia receives shots of what for life
    vitamin b12
  33. pt autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura avoid>
    IM injections
  34. pt who decreased serum iron lvls nurse prioritize?
    dietary consult
  35. Signs of hemophilia A
    petechiae and ecchymoses
  36. anemia can be casue by
    • chronic alcoholism
    • smoking
  37. not found in lymph
  38. diastolic pressure happens
    relaxation of heart
  39. p wave is
    depolarization of heart
  40. a nurse is monitoring a client cardioversion highest priority is
    status of airway
  41. holter monitor is a
    portable electrocardiographic device
  42. relieve symptoms of pruritus with hogkins disease is
    soothing bath with prescribed anipruritic
  43. first vessels that branch of aorta is
    coronary arteries
  44. atrioventricular valves close during
    ventricular sustole
  45. atrial systole occurs
    the atria are contracting
  46. semilunar valves are
    aortic and pulmonary
  47. bradycardia and hypotension and dizziness what med to give
  48. hodgkins is
    a malignant tumor of the lymph nodes
  49. dup heart sound is
    closing of the semilunar valves
  50. HR increases during inspiration and decreases during expiration what to do?
    document the finding
  51. heart failure pt needs to go to bathroom
    offer bedpan or urinal
  52. cardiac cells ability to generate electrical impulses spontaneously
  53. leukemia plans activities when
    pt has most energy
  54. valve prevents blood flow back to left ventricle
    aortic valve
  55. apical pulse place diaphragm on what site
    mitral area
  56. bone marrow transplant biggest concern is
  57. Enlearged lymph nodes, decreased produciton of rbc, thromboytopenia, and Severe increase of WBC
    acute leukemia
  58. physical findings be expected with atrial flutter and rapid ventricular responses?
    palpitations, SOB, anxiety
  59. echocardiography is for
    noninvasive way to assess the structure of the heart
  60. influenza like symptoms, chills and small petechiae in his mouth and legs. heart murmur is heard?
    infective endocarditis
  61. lup sound is
    closing of the atrioventricular valves
  62. myoicardial infarction signs are
    hypotension, tachycardia
  63. ck levels are high when
    • heart attack several hours
    • if low several days passed
  64. left side heart failure
  65. acute myocardial infarction avoid
  66. acute leukemia from
    tx with cyclophosphamide, Cytoxan
  67. intermittent arterial spasms leading to ischemia affecting especially fingers and toes
    raynauds disease
  68. painful ulcer on the fourth toe of the clients right foot it might be
    peripheral arterial disease
  69. systolic dysfunction has ejection fraction of 38% change is in
    decrease tissue perfusion
  70. mitral valve stenosis sign that it has progressed is
    dyspnea on exertion
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