1. Discuss the item developed in Plan Phase of Task Based Curriculum development.
    TPP: used blueprint for development. CCA approved.
  2. Discuss the items developed in Analyze Phase.
    Analyze data to determine what is necessary to do a job.
  3. Discuss items developed in Design Phase
    TCCD: -Front Matter -COI  -Annexes
  4. Describe what is required of a skill and knowledge learning objective.
    -Knowledge  -Performance
  5. Discuss the items developed in Develop Phase.
    -Lesson Plan -Trainee Guide -Test Items -IMM
  6. Discuss the purpose the Implementation Phase.
    Resolve discrepancies from pilot course
  7. Discuss the purpose of the Evaluate Phase.
    Internal assessment of training methods, material and external feedback.
  8. Describe and discuss the seven stages involved in developing materials following PPP.
    -Planning  -Stage 1-5   -Evaluation
  9. Discuss the products of the TPS.
    -TOS  -TLA  -TAM  -TPC
  10. State and discuss TOS codes for both knowledge and skill.
    TOS CODE: is a letter/number identifier and is used to relate selected PPP line items.
  11. Define the three “task sets.”
    • Coordinator: CO/XO
    • Director: Direct Supervisor
    • Performer: hands on worker
  12. Discuss the types of courses listed in a TPC.
    -Background -Replacement -Prepares new personnel  -Conversion -Advanced  -Onboard
  13. Identify when job sheet development should begin in the Instructional System Design process.
    This process begins as soon as TPS is done; to assure the skills drove or force the content of curriculum.
  14. What are the triggers and process for converting PPP to task based curriculum.
    • -Revision or Outdated System          
    • -Training need only be knowledge/task based
  15. List the three types of training materials provided by ILE.
    -ILT -IMI  -Blended
  16. Discuss the seven phases utilized to develop a course within ILE.
    -Planning     -Analysis    -Design    -Development   -Implementation   -Evaluation -Life-Cycle Maintenance
  17. Discuss the outcome of the instructional Media Design Package.
    Detail and demonstrate the design intent for each model and lesson
  18. Discuss the three variations of a course hierarchy which can be developed within ILE.
    • -ILT 
    • -IMI NeL-LMS delivered                                -ILT lesson IMI Module NeL-LMS
  19. Discuss the purpose of IMM.
    A body of information that is self-supporting.
  20. List the minimum section of a Lesson Plan
    • -Front Matter 
    • -Lesson Topics
  21. List the minimum sections of a Trainee Guide.
    • -Front Matter           
    • -Instructional Sheets
  22. State the purpose of CTTL.
    List of duties and tasks for given course.
  23. Discuss what a CTTL gives the curriculum developer.
    Provides a list of duties and task to be trained in a course
  24. State the purpose of testing.
     Test are the primary tool for determining trainee attainment of the TO/EO’s.
  25. Explain the purpose to pilot course.
    Validate a curriculum and its supporting materials
  26. List and discuss the triggers for developing, revising, or cancelling a course.
    • -Addition of new training    
    • -Revision that changes instructional strategy
    • -Revision that changes course length             
    • -Revision that
    • increases resource requirements
    • -Deletion of Course                                -Transfer between CCA’s             -Addition/Deletion of CDP
  27. State the difference between the Course Mission Statement and Terminal Objective.
    -To relates to trainee behavior, Course Mission Statement is a course description
  28. Spell out the full term for the following abbreviations/acronyms:
    DDA pages
    • LP- Lesson Plan
    • DDA pages- Discussion-Demonstration-Activity Pages
    • TO- Terminal Objective
    • EO- Enabling Objective
    • DP- Discussion Point
    • RIA- Related Instructor Activity
    • IMM/VI- Instructional Media Material/Visual Information
  29. Discuss where to find the procedures for handling and storing classified training materials
    Use only when absolutely necessary
  30. What documents are contained in the final TCCD?
    -Front Matter   -COI   -Annexes
  31. What annexes are included in the final TCCD?
    • -Resource Requirements    
    • -Time Allocations   
    • -Other Items
  32. What is contained in a RRL?
    • -Materials    
    • -Facilities   
    • -Manpower  
    • -Funding
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