1. the child who insists on running up the slide at the playground is doing it for a good reason
  2. weary of work and social engagement that revolve around the cocktail hour, Jesse decided to seek out healthier ways to engage with friends and colleagues
  3. money isn't just for retirement anymore.
  4. coffee snobs, be warned: this could be the year you buy a single-cup coffee maker
  5. What’s the connection between men so widely separated by ideology, geography and time?
  6. There are countless arguments for and against marriage, but the greatest of these is love.
  7. Want to buy illegal drugs in China? No problem
  8. This is the darker side of the online personalization that otherwise delights us on our iPhones and tablets.
  9. “Next Gen — The Home Within a Home” is a title and tag line intended to wrap the notion of multigenerational living in a futuristic gloss. But it is more than just marketing; the blueprints themselves are changing.
  10. A Health Insurance Detective Story: How much will my medication cost me next year? Does anybody know?
  11. Like cat videos and political rhetoric, William Shakespeare is free online if you know where to look. 
  12. Here’s a snapshot of my surreal experience:
  13. I am no fan of excessive secrecy
  14. It is a back-to-the-future moment.
  15. We are driving toward a cliff in a fog
  16. We’re on a similar trajectory with our debt.
  17. There is another striking parallel.
  18. We can’t go off coal overnight, and we can’t go into recession by cutting spending overnight, but we need to start tapping on the brakes in both realms
  19. MORE than one million people in the Chinese city of Handan awoke last week to the alarming news that an essential source of their drinking water, the Zhouzhang River, had been dangerously contaminated
  20. Actually, it’s a little more involved.
  21. BUT if evolution didn’t determine human behavior, what did? The most common explanation is the effect of cultural norms.
  22. In other words: Nothing new here, it’s all evolution.
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