Growth and Development,

  1. how to introduce solid foods to infants
    one food at a time for each two week period

    least allergenic foods given during first half of year (rice cereal)

    more allergenics given in last half of year
  2. by what month does an infants weight double?
    5 months
  3. milestones for a 3 month old (3)
    holds head erect and steady

    can bring objects to mouth

    smiles at mom
  4. major milestones at 5 months (2)
    birth weight doubles

    takes objects given to him or her
  5. milestones at 6 months (2)
    teething may start

    can turn from back to stomach
  6. milestones by 12 months (5)
    birth weight tripled

    needs help while walking

    sits without assistance

    eats with fingers

    usually says two words
  7. milestones for 15 months (4)
    walks alone

    builds 2 block towers

    grasps spoon

    names common objects
  8. 18 month milestones (3)
    climbs stairs


    vocab of 10 words
  9. 24 month vocab (3)
    builds with blocks

    300 word vocab

    obeys easy commands
  10. 3 year old milestones (5)
    rides tricycle

    lears from experiences

    undresses without help

    900 word vocab, uses sentences

    may have imaginary friends
  11. 5 year old milestones (6)
    runs well, jump rope

    dresses without help

    tolerates increasing separation from parents

    gender specific behavior

    cooperative play

    ties shoes
  12. what is the toddler age range?
    12-36 months
  13. what is preschool age range?
    36moths to 6 years
  14. what is school aged range?
    6-12 years
  15. nursing interventions for infant and toddler (5)
    provide swaddling and opportunities for oral stimulation

    provide routine and rituals

    provide toddler as many choices as possible

    allow todler favoritye and comforting objects

    allow todler as much mobility as possible
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