Med Surg: VS

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  1. What is the definition of VS?
    VS, which are looked in its totality, are checked to monitor the functions of the body because these signs reflect change that otherwis may not be observed.

    VS includes BP, Pulse, Respiration, Temp, and pain as the fifth VS.
  2. When should VS be assessed?
    • 1: upon admission
    • 2: change in pt's health status
    • 3: pre/post op 
    • 4: pre/post administration of meds
    • 5: pre/post nsg intervention that may affect pt's VS (ambulating)
  3. What are the nsg's role in relation to VS assessment?
    VS should be evaluated w/reference to present and prior health status, and accepted normal standards; should be assessed more often if pt requires so;

    before delegating VS to an UAP, the pt must be medically stable, in a chronic condition, not fragile, and if the VS is considered routine for this client.

    Interpretation of any measurement  the real assessment, falls upon the nsg.
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