Mobility Problems, Elimination, safe environment care

  1. nursing care for Myasthenia gravis (3)
    admin meds before eating

    good eye care (artifical tears, eye patches)

    promote rest and low stress
  2. patient teaching for myasthenia gravis (4)
    important to take meds on time

    wear medical alert band

    avoid factors that precipitate MG crisis (infections, emotional stress, surgery, use of neomycin)

    be alert for crisis (sudden inability to swallow, speak, keep airway patent)
  3. Def of pyelonephritis
    inflammation of kidneys cause by bacterial infection
  4. nursing care for glomerulonephritis (4)
    restrict Na intake

    daily weights, I/o, serum K

    bed rest

    high calorie, LOW protein
  5. def of glomerulonephritis (2 parts)
    damage to glomerulus caused by immunological reaction

    results in inflammatory changes within glomerular structures
  6. what is the purpose of the medicatons given for glomerulonephritis (3)
    eliminate infections (antibiotics)

    alter immune balance to alleviate inflammation (corticosteroids, immunosuppresants)

    tx volume overload and hypertension (diuretics, antihypertensives)
  7. care for renal failure (4)
    dialysis (hemo or peritoneal)

    monitor K

    daily weight, I/O, may need IV fluids

    good skin care, monitor for infection
  8. nursing care for mono (3)
    tx is good rest and nutrition

    avoid strenuous exercise to prevent spleen rupture

    complications include encephalitis and spleen rupture
  9. nursing care for chicken pox (3)
    isolation until vesicles are crusted over

    avoid Aspirin (Reye's syndrome) -- use tylenol

    topical calamine lotion or baking soda baths
  10. teaching for TB (5)
    cover mouth and nose when coughing, sneezing, laughing

    put tissues in plastic bag

    wear masks in crowds

    MUST TAKE FULLL course of meds

    handwashing and infection precautions
  11. length of isoniazid and rifampin meds for TB
    6 to 9 months
  12. nursing care for hepatitis (3)
    frequent rest periods

    diet low in fat, high calories +carbs+protein

    calamine and antihistamines for pruritus
  13. teaching for hepatitis (3)
    avoid alcohol and potentially hepatxoic meds (esp. aspirin and sedatives)

    balance rest and activity periods

    cannot donate blood
  14. nursing care for HIV /AIDS (3)
    contact precautions in addition to standard precautions

    high protein and calories

    preventin infection --- good nutrition, hygeine, rest, skin and mouth care, avoid crowds
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